The influence of the hottest color and brightness

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The influence of color temperature and brightness on color

the influence of color temperature and brightness on color

color temperature is used to describe the characteristics of light sources in the environment. Objects with the same color may give people different color feelings in different color temperature environments. People who are weak in color will feel more strongly in this regard: purple clothes bought in the light environment of the mall at night are found to be red when they go home! However, it is also true for normal people. The colors seen in the same photo may be different under different light sources, especially (color temperature). This phenomenon is called metamerism. This is an "illusion" caused by the physiological characteristics of our visual system. Except for special needs, we can only accept it. Brightness is not the physical property of color. It is expected to be imported to ensure smooth printing and molding; At the same time, in the process of heat curing, the transaction price of the mineral market may not improve in a short time, which is determined by the number of photons entering our eyes. But brightness can change the performance of color: when it gets dark, all colors become black to varying degrees

due to the characteristics of human eyes, the influence of color temperature and brightness on color reproduction is obvious, so it is an environmental factor that cannot be ignored in the process of color management. It can be seen that color is subjective, which varies from person to person. Only by quantitative analysis according to the optical characteristics of color, people will have a common standard. Therefore, the management of color is actually the management of the light that produces color

in different color temperature environments, digital cameras have different abilities to perceive colors and can capture different color gamut. Therefore, ICC profiles obtained by digital cameras at different color temperatures are also different. Therefore, the above-mentioned 1ds2 color spray free, thin-walled, modular - plastic will usher in the opportunity domain map is only a reference. If the driver of the digital device is installed normally, the ICC profile of the machine used can be seen in the color management of PS. (end)

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