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The influence of prepress make-up on the quality of book printing and binding

many details of the implementation of production process are completed in the process of prepress make-up, such as the unification of rules for different moving parts, the reservation of milling and binding, the specification of process identification, the processing of spread pages and bleeding pictures and texts. The page number crawling, the page number of the whole book, the eyebrow of the book, the unification of the edition center, etc. in the horseback binding products. As the key process of implementing the production process, the quality of binding processing will be affected by whether the consideration and construction are comprehensive. 1. Table paper accuracy and binding folding

table paper is a template for manual composition, and its drawing accuracy directly affects the alignment of page number, layout center, eyebrow line and other elements after folding and the splicing accuracy of cross page drawing. The drawing of the jigsaw paper should be correct, the size should be accurate, and the use standard of the two diagonal errors: 1mm. The stage plate should be drawn on relatively thick paper and stored against moisture. The size should be rechecked before use. In principle, it should be drawn with use and should not be used for a long time

2. Processing of cross page graphics and texts and bleeding graphics and texts

when making up cross page graphics and texts, attention should be paid to the up and down alignment, and allowance should be made for setting, milling and back of pulp to avoid pressing the graphics and texts. Reserved milling opening for making up. The stapling opening shall be the same as the actual binding milling back size. The size of the stapling is consistent to ensure the accuracy of the cross page graphic connection. The milling depth of binding products should be designed at 2.0~3.5mm. In actual production and immediate recording, considering the limitations of paper size, the milling depth can be slightly smaller under the condition of ensuring that the letter is fully milled. Subject to the fact that the innermost page of the book can be glued firmly, the milling opening of the book with three folded hands is generally set to 1.5~2mm, and the milling opening of the book with four folded hands is set to 2.0~2.5mm. For products with particularly thick book block, the milling opening should be appropriately enlarged during plate making. The important part of the contents of books and periodicals should not be too close to the incision, and should be kept at least more than 3mm. Bleeding pictures and texts should be additionally cut to facilitate cutting

3. Set the heart of the text on horseback. The crawling treatment of page number

the thickness of the paper and the number of folding should be considered when making a large version. The influence of the overlapping relationship between posts on the page number. For horse riding binding products, the page center and page number of the inner post should be moved accordingly. For example, when using 70g/m paper to print products with 16 open and 3 printed sheets, and taking the whole post as the unit of processing, generally, the center of the second edition and the page number should move 1mm outward to the direction of setting mouth, and the third edition should move 2mm outward as a whole. For 8-page set of 8-page sewing products and similar wd-b books and periodicals rotary offset printing machine, each post is a large set of 2 copies. Proper crawling treatment should also be considered for the inner 8 pages to ensure the alignment of the inner and outer page numbers and the center of the page

4. Among them, there are some items that must be used once for health purposes. The setting principle of art marks

the process marks should be standardized and complete, in order to facilitate printing and packaging, and should be concise and clear. When the cover, text and color inset are made separately, the heaven and earth rules adopted by them should be unified, and the folding marks should be consistent. There should be differences between the upper and lower labels of duplex products. The series products with the same form should be distinguished with obvious and easy to distinguish characters in the back of the book, so as to avoid confusion in binding and matching

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