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The influence of corrugated board printing paste on the different corrugated surface

corrugated board and multi corrugated board are made by corrugated machinery with different specifications and sizes. They have the same principle and the same operation mode. It belongs to pit machine and wave machine, but it has differences. This difference is generally the difference in comparison, that is, the size of the wave pit is high and low. Take a paper company as an example, a wave has 113 teeth and b wave has 151 teeth. Generally, the height of a wave pit is about 4.5mm, and the height of B wave pit is about 2.5mm. This difference makes the effect of paste on the uneven wave surface different

the effect of paste on the different corrugated surface

paste is the adhesive of bonding raw materials. It has the bonding itself, as well as the impact on the quality of materials and finished products. The bonding effect of paste on corrugated is the same, but due to the difference in the function design of the locomotive itself, the degree of impact on the corrugated surface is also different. The same meaning is just the difference in size. Similarly, this comparison is also the same condition, the same material and the same way of operation

effect of wave surface curvature

high temperature paste uses starch gelatinized glue and mature glue as the carrier to form a mixture of various components. There is a large amount of water in the paste itself. In the bonding between corrugated board and facial paper, there is a large amount of water in the paste on the surface of the wave. This kind of water is the need of instant reaction, and affects the balance strength and adjustment effect of corrugated board and bonding at the same time. In terms of the same operation mode and the same condition speed, make a comparison: the paste interval of wave a paste is relatively large, the paste interval of wave B paste is relatively small, and the paste mark pressing chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coiled material gb12953 ⑵ 003 has a sparse and dense grain. Theoretically, there is more paste in wave B, and the water content has a greater influence on the surface balance force, while the influence of wave a is relatively small, that is to say, the influence of the paste size of car B is relatively sensitive to the change rate. Since the a-wave is higher than the b-wave, the sharp temperature rise of the bottom of the a-wave is also relatively less than that of the b-wave in the paperboard bonding, so the shrinkage force also changes relatively little

effect of paste on the appearance of different corrugated surface

for some materials, sometimes the wave surface of car B is relatively flat and smooth, while the wave surface of car a is easy to produce small bubbles and become rough. This kind of vesicle forms a convex bubble shape between ridges. In this state, car a is obviously bubbly, while car B is weak. You can choose the digital display operation mode. This influence on the paste thickness is one of its changes, but the telescopic performance of the material and material is the root of the change. Therefore, the main cost of paste lies in the fact that the service life of the paste has a certain inhibition effect on the change of the bubble point on the wave surface. Compared with the two wave cars, car a has a large wave distance, a large space for material change, and a large force for changing the shape, In comparison, the smoothness of car a has a greater impact than that of car B

uneven effect of paste on cracking strength

the thickness of paste affects the compression and damage of paper, and also has a certain impact on the formed cracking value. Paste thickening leads to the increase of moisture content, which leads to the reduction of paper strength. Under the condition that the strong pressure fastener bolt fitting the bottom wheel is a key connector in the utilization of a large number of engineering projects, it leads to a greater damage rate of base paper strength. Compared with a and B, under the same speed and condition, a car has greater elasticity and speed increasing pressure, so the effect of paste on the fracture value of a car is more sensitive than that of B car

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