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XCMG xr550d rotary drilling rig appeared in the pile foundation project of Xijiang super major bridge of Nansha railway. XCMG xr550d rotary drilling rig appeared in the pile foundation project of Xijiang super major bridge of Nansha railway. On January 18, a grand commencement ceremony was held for the pile foundation project of the main pier of Xijiang Super Major Bridge of Nansha Port Railway in Guangzhou. Three XCMG xr550d rotary drilling rigs were very eye-catching in the commencement ceremony

XCMG xr550d rotary drilling rig

Nansha Port Railway nsgzq-3 bid is the main control project, and also the bridge project with the largest span in the whole line. The main bridge adopts steel box hybrid double girder equal height tower cable-stayed bridge, and the total length of the main bridge is 1118.7 meters, and the data dispersion is small. The 156 #, 157 # of the bridge are the main piers of the cable-stayed bridge. Because the main pier is a super large and ultra deep bored pile and the geology is extremely complex, the bedrock hardness is as high as 70MPa, coupled with high construction quality requirements and short construction period requirements, China Railway 11th Bureau, the general contractor, is extremely cautious in the selection of drilling construction technology and subcontracting team for the pile foundation of the main pier. According to the engineering geological report and pile foundation design drawings provided by the general contractor, XCMG xr550d rotary drilling rig is finally selected, A detailed construction plan was put forward in the shortest time

XCMG xr550d rotary drill increased by 53.6% and 53.3% year-on-year respectively, and has been selling well since it was offline


1. Equipped with five section machine lock drill pipe, the maximum drilling diameter is 3.5m, and the maximum drilling depth exceeds 100 meters, which can adapt to most domestic hard rock deep piles

2. The H-type hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis specially developed for rotary drilling rig is adopted, which is equipped with large-diameter slewing bearings to ensure super stability and convenient transportation. The chassis is equipped with swing legs, which can assist in disassembly

3, 132M full single row rope main winch technology ensures the air tightness classification and testing method of the outer window of the main winch 6 building gb/t 7107 ⑵ 0020 tons of lifting force, effectively solves the problems of rope biting and rope grinding, and greatly prolongs the service life of the steel rope

4. The power head has a common mode and a rock entry mode, which are respectively aimed at the operation of soil layer and rock layer, improving the construction efficiency. At the same time, the power head has an automatic rotation function, and the speed is continuously adjustable in the rock entry mode, which is suitable for hard formation construction

XCMG xr550d rotary drilling rig

XCMG xr550d once worked in Hanjiang Bridge for more than 400 hours without failure, and completed the construction of a pile through graded drilling under the precarious export situation, creating a value of nearly one million yuan for users. This time, we will undertake the construction of 156 #, 157 # two main piers and several kilometers of railway bored cast-in-place piles

after the commencement ceremony, the drilling construction of the two main piers on both sides of the Xijiang River officially began, and XCMG xr550d will perform another wonderful performance. Here, I wish the project a complete success

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