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XCMG has won orders for millions of shield machine cylinders

XCMG from Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has good news: it has successfully won orders for millions of Japanese enterprise level shield machine cylinders, achieved a breakthrough in the field of tunnel machinery supporting, and provided valuable experience for the multi field market expansion of XCMG's core parts. It is understood that with the acceleration of tunnel construction in China, the demand for shield machines, known as "giant artificial pangolins" in modern construction, is also increasing, in addition to the standard rules not to use too much force. In order to seize the market opportunity, XCMG specially set up a project team to carry out the research and development of shield cylinder, which brought some restrictions to the design, and gradually won the favor of customers with the reliability of products and high-quality service measures. This product represents the latest strength of XCMG's core parts technology research and development. With its successful introduction to the market, it will form a new support for the diversified breakthrough of independent core parts

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