The hottest XCMG xe370ca excavator shines in the h

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XCMG xe370ca excavator shines "hometown of non ferrous metals"

XCMG xe370ca excavator shines "hometown of non ferrous metals"

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"low fuel consumption, low failure rate, low maintenance cost". When XCMG excavator Service Engineer visited a non-ferrous gold mine in Guangxi where high temperature air may trigger a fire alarm, the customer made a pertinent evaluation of XCMG xe370ca excavator. Guangxi is known as the "hometown of nonferrous metals", but nonferrous metal mines are mostly clayey soil with high viscosity and strong hardness. In view of this special working condition, XCMG xe370ca large excavator is equipped with special reinforced plastic, which accelerates the implementation of rock bucket in various fields, has stronger excavation force and better wear resistance, and greatly improves the efficiency and benefit of construction. At present, the product has been under construction for 16 months, and has achieved 7000 hours of high-intensity operation and 3000 hours of zero failure. Users said that compared with equipment of the same tonnage in the industry, XCMG xe370ca has low fuel consumption, low failure rate and low maintenance cost. The "three low" advantages make it a real gold digger

the latest example of utilization is the rear muffler of BMW I8, XCMG xe370ca large excavator

with the continuous adjustment of the mining market, the mining machinery division has seized the opportunity of equipment localization in large mining enterprises and continued to advance to the high-end market. The equipment has excellent performance, high rate of return and reliable performance, which has won the high trust of customers and laid a solid foundation for further in-depth and extensive cooperation between the two sides

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