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Huichai group held 2017 annual service provider Symposium huichai group held 2017 annual service provider Symposium China Construction machinery information on the evening of January 5, 2018, the service provider Symposium of the third three business conference of huichai group was held in Anhui Changjiang international hotel. The meeting was presided over by zhangkaibao, deputy general manager of huichai group. More than 80 service station representatives from all over the country attended the meeting. Ms. ruizhiying, chairman of huichai group, attended the meeting and made an important speech. More than 20 leaders and staff from the sales service department and Technology Department of huichai group attended the meeting

huichai group held the 2017 service provider Symposium

at which the deputy manager of the service department paid attention to inserting the positioning pin. Heshanshan summarized the improvement and progress of each service station in 2017 and affirmed the efforts made by each service station; Manager Su Anhai put forward the idea of "driving sales with service", summarized and answered the problems concerned by the service stations in 2017, and highlighted the strengthening of communication between the service center and the service stations, as well as the feedback and processing of information. Vice President zhangkaibao emphasized the service direction in 2018 and made specific requirements for the service direction of each service station in 2018. About 240000 kinds of inorganic materials are known in Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Zunyi, Handan, Huangshan and Shandong. Representatives of more than a dozen service stations in Northeast China, Xuancheng, Jiangxi, anda and Xingtai spoke enthusiastically. Leaders of huichai group answered and fed back the questions and suggestions raised by service stations in various regions. The heads of the service stations expressed their hope to sincerely cooperate with huichai group and make common progress

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huichai 2017 annual service provider Symposium

Ms. ruizhiying, chairman of huichai group, highly affirmed and praised the efforts made by each service station, emphasized the importance and difficulty of doing a good job of service work, and emphasized that huichai group and each service station are a common development and progress whole and interdependent, It is emphasized that good service is the best brand publicity. Finally, Ms. ruizhiying, the chairman of huichai group, expressed new year's greetings to all the guests attending the A and P port communication meetings

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