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Csot has built the world's largest 8.5 generation LCD panel line

standing in the largest single plant in Asia and the 100000 square meter display panel production workshop of csot, we can see that countless mechanical arms are busy in an orderly manner, but we can rarely see the presence of staff. There are strict data calculations for the operation and connection of glass substrates between different machines. According to Bo Lianming, CEO of csot, "we are basically a lightless factory"

such "unlit factory" was unimaginable in the past household appliance manufacturing enterprises. TCL's Huaxing optoelectronic LCD panel project, which extends to the upstream industry, has opened a new process of its "intelligent manufacturing" transformation

end the era of "losing face" in domestic color TV

although China has long been the world's largest TV producer, the "lack of core and screen" has restricted the development of domestic color TV enterprises for a long time. China's dependence on foreign LCD panels reached 100%, making it the fourth largest single imported product after oil, chips and iron ore, And the result of "losing face" is that Japan and South Korea and other panel manufacturers have imposed technical blockade and price monopoly on domestic color TV enterprises

in 2010, TCL invested 24.5 billion yuan to build Huaxing optoelectronics 8.5 generation LCD panel project, which became the largest investment project since the establishment of Shenzhen at that time, and also the first self built high generation LCD panel project in China. The improvement of csot's production capacity has not only changed TCL's industrial chain pattern, but also driven the domestic panel self-sufficiency rate to reach 31%

csot became a major innovator. In 2014, csot's PCT patent applications ranked first among the development opportunities brought to the cable industry by the urbanization process, smart power construction and distributed energy construction of Chinese enterprises in 2014; Technical status and utilization of UHV special cable materials; Market status and development trend of medium and high voltage crosslinked cable materials; Thermoplastic elastomer cable, especially the implementation of medical reform policy; The improvement of industrial technological innovation ability and technical level; the current situation and development trend of the material market; Introduction of new rubber and plastic formula for electric wire and cable; Current market situation and development trend of automotive cable materials; Technology status and utilization of peroxide crosslinked polyethylene cable material; Innovative utilization of nano inorganic materials and technologies in the field of cable materials; Utilization of plastic modification technology in wire and cable materials; The utilization of recycled materials in rubber and plastic cables ranks fourth in the industry. In april2015, the phase II project achieved mass production, with a production capacity of 260000 pieces, becoming the world's largest and most profitable generation 8.5 line, and csot entered the ranks of high-end display suppliers with a high profile. Last year, TCL launched the phase III 6-generation low-temperature polysilicon AMOLED small and medium-sized touch panel project in Wuhan, which has just been capped in advance, which will provide better support for its intelligent mobile terminal business

The lightless factory under the command of the intelligent brain takes about 13.5 days from the white glass substrate entering the production line to the formation of the liquid crystal panel, and many physical and chemical reactions such as metal coating and gas deposition are required. Such a complex program cannot be realized manually, and the conversion of each working machine must be connected automatically. Therefore, since the establishment of the plant, Huaxing optoelectronics has invested hundreds of millions of yuan every year for the construction of IT system with the arrival of the low-carbon economy period. Intelligence and informatization have been integrated into the enterprise gene

it is learned that a glass substrate will be bar coded after it enters the production line, and these data will be saved for life. Thousands of data parameters generated in the production will enter the csot information system for background processing. Bo Lianming told us that every panel produced by csot is well documented

as important as intelligent production is intelligent management. Csot has to analyze and process many parameters every day to generate information about quality, yield, support stability, etc. These data information, together with enterprise ERP system and CIM system, form a set of Bi (intelligent analysis) system, which acts as the "brain" of csot

this BI system was completely independently developed by csot and was basically completed in 2013. Through the BI system, csot has realized the information sharing of all departments, improved the execution and market response ability, and can find regularity due to the enhanced information continuity, so as to improve the decision-making efficiency

every morning, the management of csot will hold a "war situation analysis meeting". On the display screen of the conference room, there are eight modules: market, sales, production, yield, inventory, quality, new product development, financial data, etc., showing the real-time information of the company in all aspects from 7:30 a.m. of the previous day to 7:30 a.m. of the same day. The highly integrated operation management system will help or even replace the management to complete the decision-making in a very short time, "For example, if there is a problem with the process yield of a production line, the system will automatically alarm and prompt how to adjust it.". In the past, such analysis would take at least 2 to 3 hours, which could not guarantee the accuracy of the decision

the improvement of production and management efficiency brought about by intelligent manufacturing has enabled csot, which has only entered the panel industry for five years, to maintain its leading performance in the industry. At present, csot has been leading the world in key indicators such as operating profit margin, cycle time and product yield for nine consecutive quarters. Under the background of "made in China 2025", csot has become a leader in the field of intelligent manufacturing and is expected to comprehensively enhance the global competitiveness of China's large-size LCD panel manufacturing industry

has become a model for TCL's "smart manufacturing" transformation

layout of the panel industry and vertical integration of the industrial chain have become the key for TCL to win industrial advantages. Therefore, TCL has become the only enterprise in China with the advantage of vertical integration of the industrial chain of "liquid crystal panel - backlight module - complete machine manufacturing". The upstream semiconductor display panel business and the downstream multimedia business have developed in coordination, It has not only successfully enhanced the competitive advantage, but also established the ability to resist the cyclical fluctuation risk of the industry. At present, csot has become the fifth largest LCD TV panel manufacturer in the world. It is also an important profit source for TCL group and the key to establishing industrial chain barriers

and csot's "intelligent production + intelligent management" has become a model for TCL's "intelligent manufacturing" transformation. Lidongsheng, chairman and CEO of TCL group, disclosed to us that it has plans to replicate the intelligent production mode of csot to other businesses such as color TV and so on

just in April this year, TCL redefined its enterprise positioning and wanted to be a global intelligent product manufacturing and Internet application service enterprise group. According to Lidongsheng's plan, TCL will become the mainstream manufacturer of global intelligent terminals within five years, achieve the top three in the world in terms of smart TV and smart sales, and the profit contribution from products and services will account for 50% respectively. More importantly, it is finally planned to realize that the growth of the company's value will exceed the growth of sales revenue, and the market value of the company will exceed 100 billion yuan in five years

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