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Huaxing Glass is committed to expanding the international market and enhancing the influence competitiveness of enterprises.

"Huaxing Glass" seems not so familiar to ordinary citizens. However, 9 out of 10 glass bottles, whether beer and wine bottles or food and soy sauce bottles, are produced in Huaxing. Since its establishment in 1987, Huaxing Glass has successively formed strategic partners with Budweiser, Coca Cola, Haitian and other domestic and foreign enterprises in the beer, beverage, condiment and other industries, and its production capacity and sales scale occupy the first place in Asia

although Huaxing Glass has taken a big step ahead of its domestic counterparts on the road of internationalization, Huaxing Glass is clearly aware of the main tasks at this stage. It does not have the application method of impacting the experimental machine. 1. It has the option to blindly enter the international market, but to strengthen the cooperation with Coca Cola, Budweiser and other Fortune 500 enterprises in the world, build a win-win circle in the international industrial chain based on China's advantages, quickly seize the beach at home, make plans before moving, and start again to the world

Guangdong Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd.

supply 1.1 billion glass bottles to Budweiser this year

Guangdong Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. was founded in Foshan in 1987, and its main business is the production and sales of glass bottles. In the segment market of glass bottle manufacturing, the production capacity and sales scale of Huaxing Glass occupy an absolute leading position in the domestic industry. The second largest enterprise in the industry is less than half of the scale of Huaxing Glass. At present, the national market share of Huaxing Glass is about 16%

"our industry is supporting the whole large consumption, and is at the upstream of the large consumption field in the industrial chain. Our customers are enterprises in Baijiu, beer, beverage, condiment and other industries." Luojinkun, board secretary of Huaxing Glass, believes that as a link of the supporting industrial chain in the field of large consumption, Huaxing Glass has benefited from the continued prosperity of large consumption, and its production capacity has doubled every two years in the past decade

up to now, Huaxing Glass's customer range has included brands in various industries in the consumption field at home and abroad, "such as Qingdao, Budweiser, Yanjing and Zhujiang in beer, Coca Cola and Pepsi in beverages, and condiments such as Haitian soy sauce and Chubang soy sauce are all Huaxing's customers." Luojinkun said that these enterprises are key customers of Huaxing Glass, and the development of Huaxing Glass also complements them

as a supporting industry of the consumer industry, Huaxing Glass has always followed the market and customers in its investment layout. At present, it has invested in 14 production bases in 10 provinces and autonomous regions across the country. "The current competition is no longer the competition between enterprises, but the competition between industrial chains. Because we are making glass packaging containers for others. Matching with customers nearby can reduce the operating costs of both sides. 5. Properly adjust the aperture and field aperture." Luojinkun said that Huaxing Glass will continue to accelerate its strategic layout nationwide

"investors in the capital market prefer us because our products are necessities for the national economy and the people's livelihood. The company's operation is very stable and will not be affected by policies." At present, the foreign business of Huaxing Glass is mainly to provide supporting facilities for the production of foreign brands in China, of which a small part is exported to foreign countries. Luojinkun, for example, said that Budweiser, a major beer customer, is increasingly in demand. This year, Huaxing Glass supplied 1.1 billion bottles to Budweiser alone

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the conference room of Huaxing Glass Foshan headquarters in China is laid out from an international perspective, and a picture of Huaxing's national layout is eye-catching. In this map, Huaxing Glass has been laid out as a production and metallurgical base in the central and eastern region except Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi and other places

talking about the growth of Huaxing Glass, luojinkun said with special emotion: "in fact, 10 years ago, the enterprise was still very small, and the market was monopolized by others. To survive in the cracks, Huaxing, like many private enterprises, also went through a difficult road." However, Huaxing has always insisted on striving to make its customers successful and achieving its own business purpose through customer success, gradually winning the trust of customers and accumulating resources for its own development

after Huaxing Glass grew up in the domestic market and accumulated in the foreign market, foreign customers took the initiative to find Huaxing Glass for supporting. "Many large foreign customers cooperate with us first in the domestic market, so we have a good reputation abroad and export is much better. In addition, large foreign orders depend not only on the quality and technical level, but also on the enterprise's society." Luo Jinkun said

"big international companies like Budweiser have very strict requirements for suppliers. Once they recognize you, they will not easily replace you." Luojinkun disclosed that the international market sales of Huaxing Glass this year is expected to be 400million yuan, accounting for less than 10% of the total sales. However, Huaxing Glass now focuses on China. "If we want to do this, it is far more than that, because we must first meet the needs of domestic international major customers and talk about strategic cooperation with many high-end customers."

"cooperating with international key customers has become an important part of the international industrial chain. The biggest advantage is that it forces the overall improvement of enterprise management." Luojinkun said, "the international competition is more intense than the competition among domestic enterprises. It promotes the implementation of key green credit projects to be transparent and at a higher level. Participating in and enjoying the fun of dancing with wolves will make you stronger and more confident."

serving the world's top 500 is the best internationalization.

"I think serving the existing major international customers is the most important internationalization at present. We have already met so many leading and second-largest customers in the world. Huaxing's internationalization strategy is very special and effective." Wanghaizhong, director and chief expert of China brand research center of Sun Yat sen University, said that the reputation brought by serving international major customers has been of infinite value

"Huaxing can still be greatly developed in the domestic market. You can see your current business, but there is still a large domestic market for development that you can't see in the future. The most important strategy is to continue to seize the beach and territory. There are many small segments of industries such as glass bottle supporting, and we don't necessarily occupy the market." Wanghaizhong pointed out that Huaxing Glass should continue to penetrate customers in the segmented industries, and even enter the fields of food related industries that need glass bottles. At the same time, Huaxing Glass must do a good job in its brand and corporate image at the company level in the future, and establish a corporate image with leading technology, social and global customer support

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