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Hubei Jinhuan colored cellophane production line put into operation recently, a 1500/a colored cellophane production line in Hubei Jinhuan was successfully started up at one time and officially put into operation

according to the introduction of relevant technicians, the new production line was started on October 12th, 2005, and various control modes can be smoothly switched. It is the first self-developed colored cellophane production line in China, which can produce two varieties and multiple specifications of colored and transparent glass. The third method is to use a centrifuge to "quickly mix" cellophane. This production line has reached the design speed of 100M/min for the first time in China, Production efficiency has been significantly improved. The company has 2 original cellophane production lines. Through this expansion, the company's cellophane production capacity will be increased from 1500 tons to 3000 tons

degradable cellophane is an environmentally friendly packaging material without secondary pollution, which is widely used in food, fireworks and other fields. Formulate and implement a series of national standards for express packaging products and evaluation standards for green products related to express packaging and adhesives. With the enhancement of global awareness of environmental protection, especially the strict restrictions or prohibitions on the use of synthetic packaging materials in many developed countries, the demand for cellophane has increased year by year as a preparation method demonstrated by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of energy. It is understood that this new production line will add more than 40million yuan of sales revenue and nearly 20million yuan of gross profit to Hubei Jinhuan every year

source: Securities Times

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