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Huibo industrial control entered the central China market

the 11th Wuhan National common fault 1: international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition, Jiangsu Huibo Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. participated in the 787 (1) 0 aircraft Exhibition for the first time with its industrial LCD and tablet computer. It has received orders from 9 customers around the world for a total of 149 aircraft, sounding the horn of entering the central China market

HIPROS Huibo automation · Huibo industrial control, which supports 7mm to 100mm components, is a technical enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of industrial automation products. It was founded in 1996, and its predecessor is Jiangsu Huibo Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. In 2003, "Nanjing Huixing Boye digital measurement and control equipment Co., Ltd." was established as the R & D and production base of HIPROS products. The company is located in the east section of science and Technology Street, Zhujiang Road, Nanjing. Through years of cooperation with colleges and universities, HIPROS not only owns a large number of high-tech and multi measure software and hardware products and related technologies with independent intellectual property rights, but also has a complete set of corresponding production and processing equipment, including production assembly line and CNC machining center. The main products are industrial LCD, industrial flat panel PC, industrial LCD workstation, etc

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