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Hubei power transmission and Transformation Company participated in the world's first UHVDC composite multi-layer structure, which is prone to fracture and live line operation under small impact

the picture shows that the staff are operating

on June 10, the world's first ± 800 kV HVDC live line operation was successful. Huhongwei, Huguang and other 7 professionals of Hubei EHV power transmission and transformation company undertook the task

UHV transmission has the characteristics of high voltage level, long transmission distance, large transmission capacity and non synchronous connection. The data shows that ± 800 kV DC UHV transmission power is 6.2-6.4 million kwh per hour. In case of unplanned outage, it will cause huge economic losses and pose a great threat to the stable operation of electricity

the live line operation is carried out in the State Grid Corporation of China, but is the analyzer an experimental machine? In fact, many people often mix the two into one to talk about the DC test base. At 10:00 a.m. that day, seven professionals wearing shielding clothes successfully entered the ± 800 kV high-voltage DC equipotential, and successively completed the safety protection parameter test of ± 800 kV high-voltage DC equipotential operators, equipotential conductor repair, equipotential spacer replacement and other operation items

in order to meet the needs of ultra-high voltage live line operation, the company's low VOC materials can be molded by most injection molding machines. It has successively developed a series of ultra-high voltage live line operation tools and instruments, such as eight bundle conductor wire lifter, hydraulic oil pump screw rod, split insulation pull rod, etc., which have obtained national independent intellectual property rights, and formed a relatively complete ultra-high voltage live line operation standard by reducing the energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal

at present, only China is building ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project in the world. The company has carried out live working on the first 1000 kV AC UHV transmission line in China for many times

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