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Huayi brother has deployed different clips and accessories for 149million yuan to enter the mobile game industry

not long ago, Huayi brother (300027, closing price of 36.46 yuan), which acquired 100% equity of Huayi music twice and extended its entertainment industry, has made another big move. The company will invest 149million yuan of its own capital in Beijing zhangqu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as zhangqu Technology) to improve its industrial chain layout

Huayi Brothers announced today (June 22) that the company invested 149million yuan in zhangqu technology with its own funds. First of all, the company purchased 12.25% of the equity of zhangqu technology with 73.5 million yuan. The equity transferor also described the experimental methods of various materials in terms of strength experiments as yaowenbin, yeyingtao, dengpan and Yang Wei, the shareholders of zhangqu technology; Secondly, the company added 75million yuan to zhangqu technology, of which 50000 yuan was used to increase the registered capital of zhangqu technology in the key research field of digital economy demand materials in column 12 1, and 73.75 million yuan was converted into the capital reserve of zhangqu technology. After the completion of this capital increase, the registered capital of zhangqu technology increased to 11.25 million yuan, while the proportion of equity held by Huayi Brothers in zhangqu technology increased to 22%

(web mobile) has developed and released page games and social games, and has maintained a good momentum in various businesses. In the first quarter of 2010, zhangqu technology realized a net profit of 8.7 million yuan, almost half of the company's net profit in 2009. It can be seen that its performance grew very fast

add new profit growth points

Huayi Brothers said that the investment to acquire 22% equity of zhangqu technology is mainly to improve the layout of the industrial chain. As the company aims to become a "comprehensive film and television entertainment group", with the development of technology and the popularization of 3G network, users' demand for entertainment content based on mobile Internet will naturally increase; On the other hand, the adaptation of film and television works into games for joint marketing and promotion will bring new revenue growth points for both film and television dramas and games. Compared with large PC games, the game development cycle is shorter, the product is updated faster, and it is easier to interact with the company's film and television business. After the company has completed its investment in palm fun technology, the two sides will jointly plan and promote game projects for films with appropriate themes that will be released in the second half of this year

according to the data, Huayi Brothers will release films such as Tangshan earthquake, new Shaolin Temple, if you are the one 2 and di Renjie in the second half of this year. These films not only have the possibility of box office exceeding expectations, but also will have a positive impact on the performance of Huayi Brothers once the game is planned

guohaizheng Securities Co., Ltd. believes that the further increase of copyright prices, the company's formal involvement in tourism, the use of over raised funds, the application for tax exemption and other preferential policies will also become the catalyst for the company's performance to exceed expectations, thus bringing periodic trading opportunities. Daily economy

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