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Hubei: the post-90s paint agents contributed 200000 yuan to paint the teaching building of their alma mater Hubei: the post-90s paint agents contributed 200000 yuan to paint the teaching building of their alma mater August 25, 2011

[China paint information] he was a "post-90s", born in rural areas, studied in junior high school, worked as a small worker for 300 yuan a month, ran a tour training company, and lost all his savings

however, he did not get depressed. With his keen sense of smell and unique business mode, he became a multimillionaire in less than five years. After becoming rich, he did not forget his hometown. On July 27, he took out more than 200000 yuan to paint the teaching building of his alma mater. He is Chenjun, a villager of Tianwan village, Liusheng Town, Zaoyang City. He is just 21 years old this year

the "post-90s" invested 200000 yuan to paint the teaching building. Yesterday afternoon, they came to Yushu Central Primary School in Liusheng Town, Zaoyang City. A bright teaching building suddenly came into view. Obviously, the teaching building had just been painted and glittered in the sunshine

looking at the new teaching building, headmaster tangqisheng was very happy. He said: "this credit is attributed to student Chen Jun."

it turned out that on the morning of July 27, Tang Qisheng was working when a young man knocked at the door

"teacher, my name is Chenjun. I'm your student. I'm going to repaint the teaching building without any money." The young man said bluntly

tangqisheng was stunned at first. After a conversation, he learned that Chen Jun was 21 years old and studied at the school from 2001 to 2002. Now he is a millionaire with more than ten million dollars

he did what he said. That afternoon, Chen Jun brought more than 10 workers to the school. They removed boxes of paint from the car and began to build shelves...

Chen Jun introduced that the notch of the impact sample of the welded joint was accurately positioned. The paint is all environmental friendly materials imported from Korea, without any odor and toxicity, and will not affect the health of students. According to Chen Jun's estimation, based on the cost price of paint and the cost of employing workers, it is about 220000 yuan

headmaster Tang said: "the students who learn from the manufacturer's direct selling with reasonable prices do not know the changes in the teaching building. They will be surprised when they report on September 1."

how can a "post-90s" guy accumulate tens of millions of wealth? Yesterday, Chen Jun was interviewed in Zaoyang

chen Jun, born in 1990, went to Anhui with his father after finishing junior high school. After a few months of high school, he began to go out to work

In 2006, Chen Jun came to Zhejiang alone. He found a machinery company: "although I am only 16 years old, I have a talent in machinery. It is right for you to accept me."

the boss looked him over and said, "starting from a small job, the monthly salary is 300 yuan. If you do well, you will get a raise."

after six months of hard work, Chen Jun's molding technology was recognized by his boss, and his salary also rose

in July of that year, he delivered goods to another company. When he saw a young boss who was very beautiful, he was envious and had the idea of starting a business

in August of that year, he resigned and returned to his hometown Zaoyang to raise 80000 yuan and set up a tour training company in the urban area

bought 8 computers, hired 8 young people, earned virtual gold coins in worldofwarcraft, and then sold them to players. After more than three months, he went bankrupt and owed 50000 yuan of foreign debt. Talking about his first venture, Chen Jun smiled faintly at data processing

the failure of starting a business for the first time did not bring down this stupid guy. In january2007, he borrowed again. He and his brother came to Zhongshan, Guangdong, and rented a store to sell roller skates

half a month later, no shoes were sold. He discussed with his brother: it's no use just waiting. It's better to take the initiative to publicize

wearing clothes printed with advertisements, Chen Jun played roller skating in the streets of Zhongshan. When he met people who wanted to learn, he taught them hand in hand. This move soon received results, and some citizens took the initiative to buy shoes. "Within two months, I opened eight roller skate branches. By the end of August 2008, we had made 200000 yuan." Chen Jun said proudly

in September, 2008, Chen Jun took another look at the business opportunities, selected a new type of imported coating, and signed the sales agency rights of Xiangyang, Jingmen, Suizhou and Zaoyang. The first business made a net profit of 600000 yuan

after more than five years of ups and downs, he completed a magnificent turn and accumulated tens of millions of wealth

Chen Jun said that over the past six years, he has experienced too much bitterness and seen all kinds of things in the world. He was most moved by these simple and lovely villagers. He wanted to repay them in this way

Chen Jun recalled: "when I was in primary school, Liu Xia, a Chinese teacher, always brought me a bowl of noodles when I was hungry. Every weekend, she would let me sit on the back seat of her bike and go home together."

Chen Jun still has a fresh memory of one thing. According to Xinhua news agency, a classmate suddenly fainted during a class. Chen Xiuyuan, the head teacher, brought a bowl of water and fed him a mouthful

after painting the teaching building, headmaster tangqisheng wanted to erect a monument for him, but Chen Jun immediately refused

Chen Jun said that the painting of the teaching building is only the beginning of repaying his alma mater. In the future, he will donate more money to help the poor

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