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According to the ctiforum on January 28 (Li Wen's 318 spring purchase event consists of two links): Recently, Huawei's wttx program successfully helped Greece's intracom build a national broadband. The project uses wirelesstothex (wttx) to implement rural broadband coverage

the project covers 5500 villages and villages in Greece with a broadband coverage of 600000 people. It is a strategic project to realize the boundaries of different colors in Greece. It should be clear about the broadband in Greece. The Greek national broadband project is invested by the government, sponsored by the European Union and undertaken by intracom. Nationwide building materials transaction is active. Intracom promises to complete the broadband coverage of the villages in the region it is responsible for within two years, and provide broadband services with a rate of not less than 8mbps for the downlink and 1Mbps for the uplink

based on the requirements of the national broadband project for short time, wide coverage and high-speed broadband, intracom selects Huawei wttx solution to give full play to its characteristics of wireless wide coverage, rapid deployment and fiber like broadband experience. On the premise of meeting the requirements of user experience, it greatly shortens the network construction cycle and saves construction costs

wttx is a wireless broadband access solution similar to fiber FTTx experience. The scheme is based on LTE-A technology, improves the coverage radius of single base station and provides user experience rate of more than 10Mbps through multi antenna technology and high gain user resident equipment (CPE). Wttx can also provide a variety of service types, including voice over IP (VoIP), enterprise private and IP TV (IPTV), which can help operators effectively improve the average monthly call cost (ARPU) of users

at the Polish national broadband forum in October 2015, operators from European countries agreed that wireless technology is one of the indispensable technologies in national broadband projects. Huawei's wttx solution helped Greece intracom build national broadband, and achieved a breakthrough in the scale of wireless technology in the national broadband field

wttx, as a useful supplement to the last kilometer of access, has developed more than 10million wireless broadband users, rapidly bringing broadband to dense urban areas where it is difficult to deploy fixed broadband, and rapidly extending it to rural and remote areas. In the future, more operators will deploy services to bridge the price gap between digital material wear testing machine factories, so that more people can get wireless broadband services, and promote the world to enter data

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