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Wazb: ready to invest in the Asian Games city

huazibu: ready to invest in the Asian Games city

reading volume on September 30, 2010 followed their suggestions: Source: China paint | contribution

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[China paint information] with the recent transfer of Guangzhou Asian Games city from the construction party to Guangzhou Asian organizing committee, it marks the opening of the "city gate" of Guangzhou Asian Games City, and 8000 houses in the Asian Games City, which are the main supply points of Guangzhou real estate market in the second half of the year, are preliminarily scheduled to be sold in October, It is said that some citizens have found a relationship to keep the house in advance. Is the Asian Games City Housing worth the investment? Is it suitable for self living or investment? Is the appreciation potential of this super market obvious

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recently, at a seminar on the residential investment potential of the Asian Games City, real estate investment experts seemed to be very optimistic about the Asian Games City, and they all supported the "biological child of the government". However, some experts said that the Asian Games city has a process of cultivation. In the long run, it has the potential of appreciation, and now it is more suitable for investment or wait-and-see. It is unrealistic to expect a doubling in three years

if you are a steady property market investor, the Asian Games city is a good choice

is the Asian Games city a "concept stock" or a "blue chip stock"

"the Asian Games city does not sell houses, but investment value." According to Mr. huanghongting, CEO of huazibu (Asia) in China, the Asian Games city is both a concept stock and a blue chip stock. After the speculation of "concept", the value of "blue chip" gradually appears

first of all, the Asian Games city has many themes: it is the largest development project in Guangzhou so far. It involves the theme of the Asian Games and the development prospect of a large area of land in the new city of Guangzhou in the future. The government must protect this project. In the context of "government enterprise interaction", the Asian Games city is likely to be "hyped" from October to November

according to relevant departments, the Asian Games city can be compared to the son of Guangzhou municipal government. So far, there are three projects led by the government. Among them, the Pearl River new town is positioned as a CBD, and there are not many residential projects. The university town is a campus, and only the Asian Games city has a large number of residential buildings suitable for citizens to buy. "The Asian Games city was born with a golden key, worth 25.5 billion yuan, and the government invested 16billion yuan, which is more valuable than Li Ka Shing's son and grandson."

at the same time, the Asian Games city is the name card of Guangzhou, which will be supported by the government. The supporting efforts are unprecedented, and it is unique, unique and irreplaceable. Mr. Cai, marketing director of huazibu (Asia) in China, said that the investment value of the Asian Games city needs to be explored. From a long-term perspective, the Asian Games city has great appreciation potential. Mr. Cai thinks that the Asian Games city is like a blue chip stock, which is a property with strong growth

is the Asian Games city suitable for living or investment

according to the data, there are 8078 units for sale in the whole Asian Games City, including 3800 media villages covering more than 30 utilization fields, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, rail transit, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, intelligent building and household appliances, all of which are two rooms below 90 square meters; 3598 sets of athletes' village, the house type is square meters; There are 680 sets of Technical Officer Village, with an area of square meters

in other words, small and medium-sized households occupy the absolute mainstream, and their main consumer groups are first-time home buyers and investment buyers

however, for first-time home buyers, the Asian Games City, minutes' drive from the central area of Guangzhou, will be difficult to become the first residence of office workers in the next years. For investment buyers, it is unlikely to rely on leasing in the short term. In addition to the huge volume of goods, it is unlikely to change hands after the appreciation of real estate in the short term. Therefore, investment buyers should consider these factors before entering the market

at the seminar, experts reached a consensus: the first is investment, the second is residence. "The investment in the Asian Games city is the best. Living is the best when the investment reaches a certain level. Both investment and living have the potential for appreciation."

is the appreciation potential obvious in such a super market

8000 houses, not a small number

generally speaking, in the stock market, compared with large cap stocks, small cap stocks are easier to pull up, and real estate is somewhat similar to the stock market

"similar to the big blue chips in the stock market, the appreciation of the Asian Games city will also be a gradual and long process. Qifu new village and Lijiang Garden in Panyu are good cases. It is unrealistic to expect to double in three years." Mr. huanghongting believes that houses can be held for a long time. In 2010, the land price level in Guangdong was about three times that in 2005, so the return of land price and the appreciation potential of houses can be expected

Mr. huanghongting said that from the perspective of investment, the Asian Games city residence is a large-scale property after all, and the short-term value-added space is not particularly large. This kind of large-scale property is suitable for long-term holding. Guangzhou has held the property for a long time for 8-9 years. We should pay more attention to the investment value of the Asian Games city. "

some experts pay more attention to the growth cycle of real estate, saying that the surrounding areas of the Asian Games city will not really prosper until 2024

will investment in the Asian Games City hit the "muzzle" of the new deal

4 17 one of the purposes of real estate market regulation is to curb speculation and investment demand. The current new real estate policy is mainly aimed at investment purchase. In fact, the Asian Games city also has a lot of investment demand. Will this part of purchase demand be affected

Mr. Huang said that the current "climate" will have an impact on the sales of large properties, especially the three sets of housing loans and non local housing loans

Mr. Cai believes that Vice Premier Li Keqiang recently said that we should consolidate the achievements, that is, the regulation has achieved initial results, and we believe that the policy will not be relaxed in the future. However, the new national standard GB 31604.1 ⑵ 015 clearly requires that we should maintain stability in the selection of food imitations according to the food or food types that the product is expected to contact. "The policy is a word of 'stability'. Now many people talk about property tax and housing reform tax, but these taxes are not realistic, so now we should strengthen the suspension of loans for the third house." According to the survey and statistics, at present, in the first-hand housing market in Guangzhou, 34% of the people who buy a house pay in one time. An Asian Games city house is generally less than 1million yuan. If you invest, you don't need to go to the bank for loans. It is estimated that the impact will be small

In the second half of 2010, China is hosting two major international events: the Shanghai WorldExpo and the Guangzhou Asian Games. The economic benefits brought by these two events to domestic enterprises are also inestimable. Only the venues and supporting facilities built by the two events have directly brought unprecedented huge orders and display stages to the coating industry. As the leading supplier of health and energy-saving paint in China, ficot will continue to expand its production capacity in the field of energy-saving paint, focus on the production and R & D of energy-saving paint products, introduce the most high-end and advanced technology in the world, and maintain the technical leading position of ficot paint in the industry

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