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As a "potential stock with growth in the household industry", the wardrobe industry has attracted the attention of all sectors of society, and the number of wardrobe brands on the market is also increasing rapidly. At the same time, with the increasingly strong personalized demand of consumers and the huge capacity of the consumer market, how to achieve "scale customization" has become an important work actively explored by many wardrobe enterprises. At present, China's labor costs are rising, production technology is progressing, and the entire consumer market is becoming more and more mature. This series of favorable conditions in the market environment provide support for wardrobe enterprises to achieve "scale customization". The wardrobe Market broke the bottleneck of "scale customization" and the overall wardrobe brand Deville

the rise of labor costs accelerates the introduction of advanced equipment by wardrobe enterprises. Wardrobe enterprises adopt scale customization, which is the fundamental way to seek scale effect and reduce production costs. However, at present, the production cost of the wardrobe industry has risen sharply, especially the labor cost has increased too fast. Previously, it required a monthly salary of twoorthree yuan to recruit a skilled worker, but now it needs fourorfive thousand yuan. In addition, there is often a shortage of workers in the peak production season, so it is difficult to recruit suitable workers with high wages. Therefore, purchasing advanced equipment to replace labor can not only reduce labor costs, but also be easy to manage and have higher production efficiency

production technology continues to improve and improve the efficiency of "scale customization" of wardrobe. With the promotion and use of digital technology in the manufacturing industry, the scale customization production conditions of the wardrobe industry have tended to be improved. The original way that a small workshop can be opened and produced by a few people with a few small table saws, small row drills and manual edge banding will become a thing of the past. At present, some wardrobe enterprises have formed their own standardized production process of non-standard products through continuous exploration, innovation and improvement, that is, to find commonalities in non-standard products. This improves the production efficiency to a certain extent

the implementation of "scale customization" stems from the needs of market development. In addition to the above two points, the implementation of scale customization is also the needs of market development. In the past, wardrobe enterprises mainly relied on the participation of dealers. Whoever had more dealers would have a larger market share. Now, due to the rapid development of e-commerce platforms such as group purchase fairs and e-malls, wardrobe enterprises can directly face consumers through e-commerce platforms to achieve large-scale personalized customization. Although wardrobe e-commerce is still in its infancy, with the deepening cooperation between e-commerce platforms and customized wardrobe brands, a new marketing model with appropriate online and offline cooperation will eventually be found

in a word, the prospect of wardrobe market is infinite, and the arrival of scale customization is inevitable. At present, wardrobe enterprises urgently need to introduce advanced equipment and improve production technology to meet the needs of the development of the consumer market and prepare in advance to seize the opportunity

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