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The annual Guangzhou Construction Expo has been successfully concluded in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall and poly World Trade Expo Hall

the annual Guangzhou Construction Expo has been successfully concluded in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall and poly World Trade Expo Hall. As a stage with stars shining, Deville brings its new fashion products to show its brilliance

the whole house customization competition has been "bloody" in the past year. In order to compete for market share, each major brand has made unique moves. After a fierce battle in the market in the past year, Deville stood out among many brands. The reason why Deville can get a place in such a market competition is inseparable from its strong innovative spirit

Deville will release many new products at the exhibition this time, which will definitely feast your eyes

Sheng Ru Xia Hua series

2016 is a financial year for the development of customized furniture in the whole house. Many customized brands seize the opportunity and take off strongly. This year, "big home" began to enter people's vision, and many well-known customization enterprises, strong traditional furniture and home textile enterprises have stepped into this new blue ocean. There is no doubt that the China Construction Expo, as the "first show platform for champion enterprises", has always been an important platform for enterprises to release new products, new technologies and new strategies. In order to comply with the voice of the industry and reflect the latest developments in the home building materials industry, this exhibition also closely followed the market trend and launched the "big home" exhibition area. As one of the top ten customized furniture brands, Deville will also bring new products such as mattresses and North American solid wood to the market to further interpret Deville's "big home" strategy

North American solid wood

from the dewell wardrobe to the whole room customization of dewell, the sword is sharpened, and it is shining! After 12 years of continuous pursuit and efforts, it has developed into an elite brand in the industry. In addition to its own progress, of course, it is also inseparable from the support of consumers. At the same time, in order to facilitate consumers to find decoration related information, Deville has created an o2o e-commerce platform, which is the general trend. It is also in line with dewell's vision of serving consumers wholeheartedly. Dewell customized furniture official mall http://www.dwejia.com/Consultation hotline: 400-8822-118 come to see Deville's interpretation of big home




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