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Yashiman wall cloth Suxi series, with its unique oriental charm, flows quietly in the home decoration space world like a clear spring

soft clouds cover gently, and the silver moon surrounds gently. According to legend, the light of silk thread is like snow, and the Xili River and sea rise together. The pavilions stand in groups, and the lights are not bright. There will be idle people looking at each other, and the scenery will taste freely against the railing, leaving a beautiful dream to sleep with the moon

quiet and natural, quiet and beautiful; Advocate elegance and avoid complexity; Pursue magnanimity and elegance

yashiman Suxi series, with its unique oriental charm, flows quietly in the world of home decoration like a clear spring

the Chinese style wall cloth adopts light grey green, evergreen and other colors, but the traditional colors express the Oriental style of brilliant mountain flowers. This kind of wall cloth, as the background color, is matched with American furniture, and the final feeling is a mixture of Chinese and western, fashionable and interesting

strong dramatic effect, neoclassicism wallcovering complements each other, and the natural transition from one space to another. As if through the time and space of history. The colors of the wall cloth are gray and soft, elegant and gentle. At the same time, add Chinese style decorations, mirrors, lamps and ornaments. Dotted with gray coral and transparent goat yellow

light is an important part of space design. The room owner likes plenty of sunshine, so the space design is very open and ventilated. The wall is equipped with duralee sea blue curtains that are a little deeper. It adopts classical Chinese techniques, brings oriental elegance and charm, and is full of romantic and fashionable atmosphere with classical sofa

designers use different ways to match the background delicately, giving more play to the properties of the material itself

Prussian blue background and dark green elements are simple and fashionable. Reveal the aesthetic Chinese style charm, and savor it carefully. This charm does not come from a pattern, nor from an embroidery. The staggered stacking of different temperament can best reflect the long history and thick accumulation of Chinese culture

[the above pictures are from the "yashiman" wechat official account, which has been invaded and deleted]

yashiman seamless wallcovering to create your dream home. Decoration endows the simple architectural form with beauty and adds artistic and cultural connotation. Yashiman wallcovering, emphasizing aesthetic cultural design, is written with authority, professionalism, practicality, combining fashion and artistry. Yashiman integrates postmodern design trends, breaks the conventional color concept, and is crowned with luxurious, professional, high-end aesthetic demands to create a perfect dream home

(image and text source: yashiman, invasion and deletion)





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