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The frequency of using electricity, water and gas in the bathroom is very high, so there are accidents such as carbon dioxide poisoning, slipping and falling, and electric shock in the bathroom from time to time. How to ensure the safety and health of the bathroom and avoid accidents in the bathroom? Let's take a look at the bathroom space use safety strategy prepared by Xiaobian for you

bathroom safety needs to pay attention to the safety strategy for the use of bathroom

the first thing to do is to do a good job in anti slip work

a report pointed out that the most dangerous action in the bathroom is to step out of the bathtub or shower, and the proportion of slip injuries accounts for 9.8% of the total. The first step in safety bathroom is to do a good job in anti slip work

the first trick of bathroom antiskid: dry and wet separation in space

dry and wet separation refers to keeping the dry space separate from the area that may be flooded. In the bathroom, it is mainly the separation of the shower area from the toilet area and the washbasin area. Keep the site outside the shower dry, so that it will not slip due to water on the ground, which greatly improves the safety

to achieve dry and wet separation, you can use shower curtains, shower sliding doors/shower screens for isolation or buy shower rooms. We Orientals are generally suitable for shower rooms with a length of more than 90 * 90 cm. The glass of the shower room, including the material of the shower screen/door, can use waterproof materials to strengthen the waterproof function

the second trick of bathroom antiskid: use antiskid building materials on the ground

whether the bathroom floor uses ceramic tiles or floors, it should not only be waterproof but also antiskid. Plastic floors that are very slippery when wet are not suitable for use in the bathroom

three types of bathroom floor tiles are mainly considered: Quartz tiles, antique tiles and emery tiles. The proper slope is laid to ensure that the accumulated water can be discharged smoothly through the floor drain. In addition, the anti slip property of Puzi stone, which is introduced from Taiwan and broken by natural stone, is also good, beautiful and practical. In terms of flooring, plywood reinforced hardwood flooring can be selected, which has a good moisture-proof and moisture-proof effect

the third trick of bathroom antiskid: put on an antiskid mat

it can be big or small to get out of the shower or step out of the bathtub and fall down. In order to put an end to this low-level mistake and disgrace, the editor strongly recommends that you buy back an antiskid foot pad, pay attention &mdash& mdash; It's a non slip mat, not a towel!! Towels can dry wet feet, but they have no anti-skid function at all

friends who use bathtubs can choose a style with their own non slip floor, so they don't have to worry about buying non slip mats

pay attention to the electric shock prevention treatment in the bathroom

the electric water heater, hair dryer and powered intelligent products used in the bathroom should be in contact with the power supply, and there are a large number of water sources in the bathroom, so electric shock accidents are easy to occur, and the existence of water increases the difficulty of self-help, so the bathroom should pay special attention to the electric shock prevention treatment

the first trick to prevent electricity in the bathroom: cover outdoor switches and sockets

it is recommended that the switches of electrical appliances should be installed outside the bathroom. If it is a forced exhaust gas water heater, it is better to install it outdoors, which is safer, because this water heater consumes a lot of oxygen in the bathroom when it is used. After using it for a period of time, people will lack oxygen or even be poisoned, feel dizzy and have accidents

if there is a socket in the bathroom, it should also be away from the water source. It is best to cover it to reduce the leakage risk factor. According to the specification, the installation height of the power socket of the water heater is 2.4 meters, and the socket with waterproof safety cover should be used. Ordinary sockets cannot be used instead

the second trick of bathroom electricity prevention: protect the power line

after the existing circuit in the bathroom is sealed, waterproof and insulated, try not to change it without authorization. For example, the fan heating wire that cannot be insulated and the motor that does not have waterproof function all have potential safety hazards. Do not move and install it without permission. If there is a problem, you need to find a professional to deal with it. If you change the bulb by yourself, you should also remember to cut off the power line first

the third trick of bathroom electricity prevention: use safe electrical appliances

the first principle of choosing and purchasing bathroom electrical appliances is to use them safely. It is best to have waterproof function. Don't be greedy for bargains to buy sanitary appliances that can't pass the standard. When using, keep the surrounding environment dry at least, and cut off the power immediately in case of water

beware of formaldehyde bacteria in the bathroom

slipping and power supply are visible safety problems, and Xiaobian has to say that what he said last is potential health hazards in the bathroom “ Invisible killer &rdquo& mdash;& mdash; Formaldehyde and bacteria

prevent formaldehyde and avoid poisoning

the formaldehyde in the bathroom mainly comes from the bathroom cabinets and other furniture, ceiling and floor plates. Generally, after half a year of decoration, the formaldehyde paint smell dissipates most intelligently. After check-in, it is still necessary to place an appropriate amount of green plants in the bathroom to absorb formaldehyde and keep the bathroom ventilated to avoid poisoning

eliminate bacteria to avoid infection

if the bacteria in the bathroom are not removed, it will lead to physical allergies at a light level and bacterial diseases at a heavy level. Therefore, bathroom ventilation equipment is essential. Dead corners such as the bottom of bottles and cans such as shower gel and facial cleanser, the seams of toilets and wash benches, shower curtains and bathroom cabinets should also be kept clean at ordinary times, especially towels. It is most important to keep more sun exposure and keep dry

detail installation and supplies placement

the design and products of the bathroom are becoming more and more humanized. More efforts on some details of the bathroom can also be prepared to help you maintain the health and safety of your family

install more handrails for the elderly and children

to be safe, the bathroom can be equipped with an additional handrail, which can not only protect the elderly and children, but also protect ourselves. After all, we don't know when we fall down in the bathroom or get unlucky. With handrails, we can at least grab something when we want to fall

adjust the maximum temperature of the water heater to below 46 ℃

many children have an unspeakable sense of closeness to water and like playing in the bathroom very much. Giving a bathtub can be used as a swimming pool. Parents with bear children at home suggest that the maximum temperature of the water heater be adjusted to below 46 ℃, even if children want & ldquo; Fight a water war ” Will not be scalded

avoid sharp corners of the table and cabinet

the design of the washing table and bathroom cabinet in the bathroom should try to avoid sharp and hard right angles and adopt circular arc lines, which can be wrapped better, so as to avoid accidentally bumping and slipping, and avoid bumping into sharp objects to aggravate injuries

editor's summary: from hidden circuits to slippery floors, potential safety hazards are everywhere in the bathroom. In order to protect yourself and your family, corresponding protective measures need to be taken for the decoration and use of the bathroom




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