Several problems needing attention in inking alloc

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Several problems needing attention in inking allocation in packaging offset printing

the order of inking should be from large to small, that is, the main color ink with a large proportion should be added first. For the deployment of light ink, first put diluent, and then gradually add dark ink to the diluent. There are two methods of mixing ink: mixing a small amount of ink by hand; A large amount of ink should be mixed mechanically

the hiding power of ink refers to the ability of ink to cover the background color. The stronger the hiding power, the lower the transparency of the ink. Four color color printing requires high transparency of ink, otherwise it will affect the color restoration effect of printed matter

in printing, the adhesion of ink is adjusted according to the following factors:

① the surface strength of paper. The surface strength of the paper is large, and the ink adhesion can be adjusted more; on the contrary, the adhesion should be adjusted less, otherwise the paper "drops powder". "Hair loss" is very serious, which seriously affects product quality and production efficiency, which is often the main motivation to adjust ink adhesion

② printing speed. When the speed is fast, the requirements for adhesive deployment are smaller, otherwise, it is larger. The faster the speed is, the more prone it is to "galling" and uneven ink transfer. It is necessary to reduce the adhesion to adapt to it

③ graphic structure of the layout. Printing items "Therefore, when adjusting the image, the most important thing is that the shape and area of the point should be copied correctly, and the adhesion should be adjusted to be larger. When printing the field image, we want to get a uniform and thick field, and since there is no point increase problem, the adhesion should be adjusted to be smaller.

④ workshop temperature. With the increase of temperature, the cohesion of the ink will decrease, and it is easier to have problems such as increased emulsification and point increase rate. When adjusting the ink, we should adjust the viscosity of the ink in advance Increase the adhesion. On the contrary, reduce the adhesion of the ink, for example

in the production of packaging offset printing, the ink drying is too slow. The most common drawback is that its Indonesian factory adopts an ultra thin 3104 alloy can body material with a thickness of 0.245mm, which is prone to "back rubbing". In addition, oil therefore hopes to win more support from the central supporting funds earlier. If the drying speed of ink is too slow and the free penetration of binder increases, the ink will be dim and lack luster. If the ink dries too fast, the surface of the ink is easy to form film during the printing process, which affects the progress of production, and may also lead to the crystallization of the ink, affecting the subsequent ink printing of dry overprint

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