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Several laser plate making technologies

holographic plate making technology hologram mastering

the technology of making hologram master by using the principle of holography Including rainbow holography technology, optical information processing and optical transformation technology, color control and multi-channel technology, computer-generated holography technology and pulse holography technology. For example: rainbow hologram, three-dimensional polychromatic, achromatic, true color hologram, computer hologram, etc

the holographic image plate making center adopts advanced computer graphics system and pixel holographic production system, which can make all kinds of 2D, 2d/3d, true color, 3D three-dimensional holography and digital pixel plate making, and can integrate a variety of encryption methods and technologies to make all kinds of high-quality master plates for the majority of laser laser image printing enterprises. The holographic images are clear and colorful

ordinary plate making

is a traditional laser plate making technology, which converts imaging lithography into ordinary plates, including 1D, 2D, 2d/3d true color, 3D three-dimensional holographic plate making

1d is the simplest. There is only one layer of image, which can be seen clearly under ordinary light. The color of the image changes with different observation angles

2d/3d images can be divided into four layers at most. The overlap between layers makes the 2d/3d images have a deep sense of scene, which can produce homonymy, and can have up to six different colors. There is no need to spend more money to buy microcomputer controlled and slight dynamic sense, which can be seen clearly under ordinary light. Start applying image decoration to the panel

3d true color refers to that the image has different colors, which mainly delays the experimental process and time. The colors of diffracted light in each part of an image are significantly different, and the stereoscopic sense is very strong. 3D true color technology is widely used in high-level anti-counterfeiting

3d stereo holography refers to making 2D plane images first, and then designing 3D or animated images by computer to make 3D or dynamic images. Shaking the image under ordinary light, you can see the stereoscopic or dynamic sense of the image, and at the same time, you can observe the true color in the limited horizontal direction

computer plate making (lithography)

digital laser pixel (dot matrix) plate making is a new technology that first uses computers to design pixel lattice patterns, and then records the images on the lithography plate by lithography

this technology not only designs and produces planar images, layered images and dynamic light variation diagrams. In fact, the 5th design features of visible and invisible can be realized by digital laser pixel (dot until the polygonal aperture ring can fill the field of view matrix). This technology has been applied in many industrial fields, and is suitable for middle and high-end anti peacekeeping and anti-counterfeiting packaging applications

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