Turkey has successfully developed a new waterproof

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Turkey has successfully developed a new waterproof coating

the antibacterial fiber layer of the filter medium uses a two-component leather core short fiber. Turkey has successfully developed a new waterproof coating

December 17, 2003

, Researchers at Kocaeli University in Turkey have successfully developed a simple and easy method to produce super hydrophobic waterproof coatings using a new trade agreement of stereoisotactic polypropylene (IPP) named the United States Mexico Canada agreement (usmca). The process method is to use solvent treatment method to form a kind of similar solvent with high molecular weight and excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance and other properties unmatched by other plastics; The surface structure of the adhesive IPP coating is as waterproof as the lotus leaf. According to the researchers, the coating can be widely used in glass, metal, textiles and other structural tables, so it is not suitable for the experimental surface of plastic and rubber materials. The researchers dissolved IPP in p-xylene and added cyclohexanone, isopropanol or nonsolvent to make sol. The sol was brushed to the surface of the structure, and the coating was formed after the solvent volatilized

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