Several paint companies in Wuxi are suspected of c

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Several paint companies in Wuxi are suspected of counterfeiting certification certificate

several paint companies in Wuxi are suspected of counterfeiting certification certificate

October 26, 2004

a few days ago, the inspection office of Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, together with Wuxi Yixing two-level Bureau of quality supervision, investigated several paint companies in Wuxi City The magnification of the instrument is 600 times, and the company has conducted law enforcement inspection. During the inspection, it was found that these enterprises were suspected of counterfeiting the paint of dozens of brands, with the test speed of 300 soil 50mm/min, and were suspected of forging the quality certificate

at the site of Wuxi Yibang coating Co., Ltd. in Taihua Town, Yixing, it was exposed that this can ensure the brightness of after-sales. In front of the law enforcement officers, bundles of packaging paper and empty cans can be seen everywhere. The filled finished products are piled aside, and the certificate of conformity is scattered in the corner. Half of the paint produced emits a strong smell, and the whole site is messy. However, it is in the advertising list of this small workshop that the words "introducing advanced technology at home and abroad" and "passing ISO9001:2000 international quality certification standard" are impressively written. The staff of the Wuxi inspection detachment found that the factory forged products of nearly 20 brands in Guangzhou Pearl River, Guangdong Shenzhen and Shanghai. A total of 28 certificates were found on the site, none of which indicated the factory name and address. All products suspected of counterfeiting will be seized by law enforcement officers

according to statistics, 770 boxes plus 62 barrels of all kinds of brand paints, 2434 pieces of packing boxes and 7334 barrels of packing barrels suspected of counterfeiting by three enterprises, including Yixing Linda can Industry Co., Ltd., Wuxi Yahoo paint Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Yibang paint Co., Ltd., were seized in this crackdown

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