Several problems that are easy to be ignored in th

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Several problems that are easy to be ignored when outputting prepress documents

whether the characters used in printing are marked

the name, version, quantity and font (TrueType or postscript) of all characters should be marked. It is certain that you choose the real characters from the localized and low moisture absorption deepened character menu (such as garamondbold), rather than selecting a style such as bold from the style menu. At the same time, consult the prepress service provider or printer for the requirements of relevant character documents. In some rips, the mutual interference between TrueType and type1 postscript characters will not only cause the fundamental transformation of plastic granulator technology, character substitution and string bits

whether all colors have been converted from red, green and blue to yellow magenta black mode

if the image is not converted to yellow magenta black mode in your electronic file, the printed image may be black-and-white or have unacceptable color bias. Remember to name all colors in the document, and the image colors designed and introduced in the image processing program should also ensure that the same name is used exactly

unless you plan to print small color blocks or common colors with spot color ink, you should definitely use the Yellow magenta black setting mode for all colors. As long as the whole page layout program allows, the small color block area should also convert the color mode

whether bleeding printing can be carried out when necessary

make sure that all bleeding printing is extended to the edge of the page number as required by the printer. It is very convenient to realize image bleeding in the whole page layout program, but it is relatively time-consuming and expensive in printing

whether the original large-scale proofing of the document has been considered

the black-and-white laser printout or color sample of the final document should be transmitted. If the document is transmitted to the printing service provider through the line and modem, it should be sure that the laser printing sample sheet is faxed or the proofing sample sheet is transmitted at the same time. Confirm that the sample is obtained from the same electronic document delivered to the printing service provider or printer

if the page is too large to print the original large sample with the same size as the actual size, be sure to mark the reduction ratio on the sample. For color printing, the color separation sample sheet (in black and white form) shall be printed on the laser printer. In addition to providing color samples to printers, color separation samples should also be provided to ensure that each color separation sample is correctly marked with color. And check whether the color separation of the color separation sample is correct and the color number of the color separation. If a black-and-white composite sample is provided, however, each part printed in different colors should be clearly marked

whether all precautions are marked

the name, address and contact should be clearly written on the disk, portable media, printed proofs and samples. In short, all documents or media delivered to printing service providers or printers should be clearly marked. At the same time, a list of all documents or media you have transmitted should be sent to the printing service provider or printer

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