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Random talk on the development of coating industry in Lanzhou and Changzhou

Random Talk on the development of coating industry in Lanzhou and Changzhou

December 12, 2005

exploration of development trajectory

Lanzhou is an absolute representative of Gansu coating. The paint industry started with Lanzhou Huanghe paint factory, which was put into operation in 1958, but it was the northwest paint factory and the paint industry Research Institute of the Ministry of chemical industry (once merged into one unit) that made Lanzhou have influence and status in the national community, as well as the activities undertaken by these two units, such as the publication and distribution of the paint industry, such as the industrial technical training (the handouts are compiled into the paint process), such as the industrial Jihua on-site meeting, For example, the lectures, meetings, work and life experiences of most famous coating personages in Lanzhou. We believe that the period from 1965 to 1990 can be said to be the Lanzhou period experienced by the coating industry. However, this period gradually disappeared with the split of the paint industry research institute

coatings in Gansu and Jiangsu started at the same time in 1958. In 1987, the paint industry research institute was partially relocated from Lanzhou to Changzhou. At that time, the paint output of Jiangsu was the highest in the country, which was three times that of Gansu. However, the output of Northwest paint factory, the leading enterprise in Gansu, had reached 18800 tons (more than 10000 tons in 1978), and that of Changzhou paint factory was 10000 tons (1990). At that time, the paint output per 100 million yuan of GDP in Gansu was far higher than the national level

the reality is that the statistical output of coatings in Jiangsu in 2003 was 16 times that of Gansu! When the Ministry of science and technology approved the settlement of the national "new special coating industry base" in Changzhou, the statistical output of coatings in Changzhou was 230000 tons, accounting for about 10% of the country. Changzhou has the foundation of high-level research and development and large-scale production. There are more than 200 coating manufacturers, raw material and equipment suppliers, dealers and non-commercial institutions related to coatings, forming a relatively complete coating industry cluster and technology led, industry university research driven A national new coating industrialization base with differentiated development and complete industrial chain. The goal of developing new coatings in the city is to achieve a total industrial output value of 10billion yuan in 2007. The sales revenue reached 9.5 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of more than 20%. On December 5, 2003, the national coating engineering technology research center approved by the Ministry of science and technology was established in Changzhou coating Chemical Industry Research Institute, which has added more market-oriented functions on the basis of the existing coating society of the Chinese chemical society, the coating industry science and Technology Information Center Station, the national coating and pigment Standardization Technical Committee, and the national coating quality supervision and inspection center

North South comparative analysis

in terms of scientific research, Lanzhou has the northern Coating Industry Research Institute, and Changzhou has the Changzhou coating chemical industry research institute. Lanzhou is consciously located in the North (although there is a Xiamen Branch), and the word Lanzhou is not used in the name, forming a clear contrast with Changzhou. Is this intentional abandonment or unintentional action? Is it the neglect of Lanzhou's regional brands or the decline of Lanzhou's attractiveness? Compared with Changzhou's "south", this layout has significantly shaken Lanzhou's position in the coating industry, losing its exclusive advantage, and the sustainability of scientific research seems to be shaken

in terms of coating publications, the publishing and distribution places of coating industry and (coating technology), which occupy the dominant position in the industry, have moved from Lanzhou to Changzhou with the split and relocation, resulting in greater losses to Lanzhou coating; The new "modern coatings and coating" launched in Lanzhou has a good intention, but it is still difficult to compete with "coating industry"

in terms of technology diffusion and cooperation transformation, a relatively one-sided comparison method. Combining the above two factors, the characteristics of the error are that it affects the small load, and the room should have enough space, that is, the number and scale of coating enterprises in Lanzhou and Changzhou. Technology has not been transformed into productivity, and the leading enterprises' leading and exemplary role is also very limited, which makes it more difficult to talk about clustering and large-scale development. It was only during the existence and early stage of the paint Institute as the Research Institute of Northwest paint factory that the cooperation on some products was fruitful, and some products also won national awards, but this cooperation was not inherited, and blossomed inside the wall and smelled outside the wall

in terms of market scope, Lanzhou is still dominated by Northwest China, although products are sold among industrial customers near Changzhou; However, compared with Changzhou's products in the national market and in Lanzhou, it has obvious limitations. Such limitations and differences are difficult to make a big change in the short term

as for the main body of enterprises, northwest paint factory in Lanzhou has obtained the listing opportunity for its historical contribution, but its subsequent development has experienced twists and turns. Lanzhou Yellow River paint factory has evolved into bankruptcy. Although some private enterprises have entered, its scale and influence are extremely limited, far from forming a climate, and it is basically fighting alone. However, Changzhou has cultivated and expanded a coating enterprise group on the basis of the original enterprise, which plays a role and shows its position in different coating product fields

in terms of organization and management, Lanzhou is also alone in several limited enterprises, and there is an obvious contrast between the strong and the weak. This situation is difficult to talk about organization and management, and Gansu coating industry association has not actually operated. In Changzhou, there has been formed a group of impact sample gap projector coating enterprises, and a number of relatively powerful and influential enterprises have emerged, and it is obvious that professional organizations are deliberately strengthening the integration or integration of this group; For example, this year's enterprises gathered to participate in the Guangzhou Coating Exhibition in the name of Changzhou is a strong proof, which also means that Changzhou coating enterprises have achieved a more market-oriented, standardized and rapid development

in terms of regional brands, Lanzhou is intentionally or unintentionally wasting its own regional brands. For example, the northern academy mentioned earlier abandoned the word "Lanzhou" in its name and sought to be greater than "North", as well as the name use of Northwest chemical industry. The directness and concreteness of the names of Lanzhou paint Institute and Northern paint Institute, Northwest Chemical Industry and northwest paint are clear at a glance. In contrast, Changzhou is deliberately strengthening its paint advantages (not limited to paint), such as the name of Changzhou paint Institute, and the unified participation of enterprises and brands in the exhibition under the name of Changzhou, which has more credibility and is conducive to promotion; It has formed the advantage of producing area

reflection and Enlightenment

when thinking about the cluster development of the coating industry, the comparison between Lanzhou and Changzhou is particularly prominent and obvious. In addition to objective and obvious regional differences, it also has the advantage of nearby export support of coating technology, but why are there great differences in technology transformation, driving enterprises and generating benefits? Can the advantages of Lanzhou coating industry be obtained and maintained only by national planning? Why didn't coatings with lower investment and higher income become the choice of investors, especially the central investors? Is Lanzhou only suitable for the construction of large-scale oil refining and chemical industry, but can't continue to extend its industrial chain to coatings and maintain and expand it? Constantly export and sit back and watch the loss of their own advantages

this comparison and result, from another perspective, also confirmed the correctness of the original decision to relocate Changzhou. The professional coating research institutions were relocated from Shenyang to Tianjin, then relocated to Lanzhou, and then split to Changzhou, as well as the establishment and development of other coating research institutions, which represented and explained the different stages in the development process of the coating industry and the related political and economic background, and also showed that the development of the coating industry has never been isolated

behind this comparison, it is related to the comprehensive and in-depth discussion of regional characteristics, policy environment, investment environment, capital accumulation and entrepreneurship, skilled personnel flow and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which itself is a field of widespread concern

the past has become history. It is useless to mourn, and it is fundamental to focus on the future

in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", based on the basis of Lanzhou coating industry, Gansu Province listed coating as a key development and priority support chemical project; " Lanzhou Petrochemical and other upstream raw material base is also relatively sufficient; The proposal and implementation of the industrial plan for revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry in Lanzhou has triggered a realistic demand for the consumption of industrial coatings; The demand for coatings in the western development also makes the China Coatings Industry Association put forward the strategic idea of "developing the northwest". Lanzhou, once again standing on the crest of the development of the coating industry, has become the focus. Where is the breakthrough point of the development of Lanzhou coating industry? What is the position and role of Lanzhou coating industry in the chain of Lanzhou Petrochemical Industry? Can Lanzhou paint industry create a new brilliance? We are looking forward to and working hard

coating enterprises have obvious regional layout characteristics, including coating multinational companies also arrange their own business and layout according to regions. However, the fate evolution of enterprises in some regions and even the coating industry makes us have to reflect on ourselves

Lanzhou and Changzhou are just cases, but positive places should be universal for us to correctly grasp the development and changes of the coating industry, fully understand the market law, adhere to the scientific concept of development, and scientifically guide and plan the development of enterprises and the coating industry. This is also a reason for daring to compare these two places

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