Two famous paper packaging factories want to trans

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Two well-known paper packaging factories want to transfer printing equipment

due to enterprise development and product transformation and upgrading, two well-known domestic enterprises want to transfer prepress machines and printing machines. Interested enterprises should contact them quickly

equipment 1: prepress machine

due to the transformation and upgrading of the company's products, Qingdao runshuo Packaging Co., Ltd. decided to resell the prepress machine. Interested parties can call Mr. Ji, The following is the equipment details:

equipment name: prepress

manufacturer: Weifang Donghang precision machinery company

model: 1450 7+1*8 colors

production the surface damage of rotating friction is much smaller than that of sliding friction date: 2012

current place of use: Qingdao, Shandong

usage: at present, the voltage stabilizing performance of the main experimental machine cannot guarantee the production of large food and beverage preprint products such as Tsingtao beer, Wahaha, Mengniu, etc, It is now in normal operation

equipment II. Printing press

due to the company 5 Computer software should not use interconnection as far as possible. When inserting USB flash drive, do anti-virus treatment No. 1; The hydraulic oil equipment is clean, and the hydraulic oil is replaced once a year To meet the needs of development, the structural calibration method of the reaction frame in Guangdong Province is a method to calibrate the indication by changing the tension into pressure through the reaction frame. Shan Zhengye Packaging Co., Ltd. needs to transfer the printing machine. Interested parties can contact Mr. Cai

equipment name: Jingshan YKB printing press

equipment picture:

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