On the development of elevator technology

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Talking about the development of elevator technology

Abstract: in the rapid development of modern cities, tall buildings have sprung up. Elevator is a vertical transportation equipment for transporting passengers or goods up and down in a building. With the development of elevator technology, elevators with green, low energy consumption, intelligence, networking and Bluetooth technology will surely provide better services for mankind. Gearless and remote monitoring technology will be the main research direction of elevator industry

key words: Green elevator, low energy consumption, intelligent networking, remote monitoring technology, Bluetooth technology

elevator as a lifting equipment, its origin can be traced back to the windlass invented by the working people of our country more than 1000 BC. In 1889, Otis Elevator Company of the United States launched the world's first elevator powered by DC motor, which gave birth to a veritable elevator. In the 1990s, with the rapid development of the world economy and economic globalization, developed industrialized countries have developed high-speed and ultra-high-speed elevators, and China's elevator development technology is also changing with each passing day. Elevator is not only a means of transportation, but also a symbol of human civilization. The development of its technology reflects the progress and civilization of society

what is the development trend of elevator technology in the future

first, greening

from the perspective of reducing environmental pollution, promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and industrial transformation and upgrading. The new concept of green will become the mainstream color in the 21st century. A global green market provides a broad space for enterprises to launch green products and compete for development in the 21st century. If they occupy the green marketing market, they can take the initiative in competition

green concept is the general trend of elevator development. The main development trends are as follows: continuously improve the design of products, and produce environmentally friendly elevators with low energy consumption, low noise, no oil leakage, no water leakage, no electromagnetic interference, and no oil pollution of hoistway guide rail. The elevator traction adopts nylon synthetic fiber traction rope, steel belt and other traction methods without lubricating oil pollution. The elevator decoration will adopt the recycling technology of no (less) environmental pollution materials, elevator no-load lifting and full load down motor regenerative power generation. The installation of elevator will not need to install scaffolding. The elevator parts have no impact on the environment in the process of production and use (for example, the brake skin must not use asbestos) and the materials can be recycled

second, reduce energy consumption

measures to reduce elevator energy consumption are multifaceted. It mainly includes: choosing to reduce the inertia and friction resistance of the elevator mechanical system; Reasonably use counterweights and counterweights

1. The drive system uses a permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine. From the working principle of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, it can be seen that its excitation is realized by the permanent magnet, and there is no need for the stator to provide additional excitation current. Therefore, the power factor of the motor can reach very high (theoretically, it can reach 1). At the same time, the rotor of permanent magnet synchronous motor has no current flow, and there is no rotor loss problem, which is generally 45% - 60% lower than that of asynchronous motor. Because there is no low efficiency, high energy consumption worm gear transmission pair, energy consumption is further reduced

2. In the arrangement of group elevators with few stops, it is an energy-saving scheme that one host drives two lift cars to run up and down respectively. Another way to reduce energy consumption is to control energy consumption during elevator operation. The regenerative energy is fed back to power by taking advantage of the characteristics that the motor is in the power generation state when the elevator goes up without load and down with full load. This energy-saving measure has a significant effect on high-speed elevators

3. Another energy-saving scheme will be realized in software control. For example, establish a real-time control traffic mode, try to carry more passengers with less running times, so as to minimize the number of stops of the elevator. The floor entry passenger registration scheme integrating elevator call and car command is a revolutionary technology of elevator control mode, which makes the unknown destination floor of passengers on the original landing clear at a glance, so as to maximize the dispatching efficiency of the control system

4. Another measure to reduce the energy consumption in the operation process is to set the acceleration and deceleration mode of elevator operation to variable parameters, that is, the speed, acceleration and acceleration change rate curve in the elevator control system change with both the running distance and the car load, and determine the best operation curve between different floors through simulation software

5. Taking advantage of the advantages of elevator machine room on the roof and making full use of solar energy as the supplementary energy of elevator will also be a new research topic

III. intellectualization

with the development of computer technology, communication technology and control technology, the intellectualization of buildings has become a reality, and elevator is an important means of transportation in intelligent buildings, and its technical development and intelligent degree have also attracted worldwide attention. The intelligent elevator should first be connected with all automation systems in the intelligent building, such as building control system, fire protection system, security monitoring system, etc., so as to make the elevator an efficient, high-quality, safe and comfortable service tool

serial communication is increasingly used in elevator control system because of its simple wiring and large amount of information transmission. Because a large number of input and output circuits on the microcomputer interface board are removed, the number of wiring in the shaft and machine room is reduced, and the reliability is greatly improved. With the improvement of building intelligence, fieldbus technology has been applied to bas, Fas and SAS of elevator control system and building

from the perspective of intelligent control of elevator operation, elevators are required to have high-quality service quality. Advanced scheduling rules should be adopted in the control program to make the group control management have the best elevator dispatching mode. The current group control algorithm does not rely solely on the shortest waiting time of passengers as the goal, but adopts the methods of fuzzy theory, neural network and expert system to absorb the factors to be comprehensively considered (i.e. expert knowledge) into the group control system. Among these factors, there are not only factors that affect the psychology of passengers, but also the evaluation and decision-making of the upcoming situation, It is a multi-objective control that combines expert system with the current running state of elevator. Genetic algorithm is used to optimize and self-study the passenger flow traffic mode and elevator dispatching rules, so as to realize the evolution of elevator dispatching rules to adapt to the changes of the environment. The elevator control system based on people-oriented design will make the service quality of the elevator better and better

IV. application of remote monitoring technology

the elevator trapped fault has been bothering the elevator contractor. In the early 1980s, elevator manufacturers added a process monitoring system to the elevator, that is, install a camera and communication system in the elevator car, so that passengers trapped in the car can establish contact with the building's monitoring personnel. Since this facility is limited to the building where the elevator is located and is required by the manufacturing standard gb10586 of environmental experimental equipment for security guards, once the elevator is trapped, professionals have to be notified to solve the difficulties. The remote monitoring service system proposed now is a further step in the remote monitoring system. This advanced device integrates communication, fault diagnosis and microprocessor. It can transmit elevator operation and fault information to the remote service center (elevator remote monitoring and maintenance center) through the local telephone line, so that the maintenance personnel can know the elevator problem and deal with it. If the car is trapped on a floor due to a door fault, the remote maintenance center can open the car door and landing door by remote control after judging the fault condition. When no maintenance personnel arrive at the scene, the trapped personnel can leave the car. If some faults can only be eliminated by the maintenance personnel on the scene, in order to make the trapped personnel feel at ease, the center immediately plays a disturbing voice to the car to relieve tension, After the escalator is installed with remote monitoring, in addition to monitoring the operation status, the monitoring and maintenance center can make a quick emergency stop according to the displayed information to avoid injury accidents. The benefits of remote service to users are obvious. The remote monitoring of elevator not only enables users to get a part, but also enables users to enjoy a complete set of services. The remote maintenance and monitoring center always monitors the elevators they contract, You can always know the running state of the elevator and the attribute of the failure. The maintenance personnel know the maintenance items before going to the failed elevator, which reduces the cost and time of maintenance service. This kind of pre maintenance after-sales service mode is deeply trusted by users in foreign countries, and will also be an important direction of the development of elevator industry technology in China

v. application of Bluetooth technology

1. Application of Bluetooth technology in elevator installation process. People who have installed elevators know that setting out and alignment is a time-consuming, laborious and error prone work. Using Bluetooth technology, the installation period will be reduced by more than 30%. Its direct benefit is to reduce the installation cost. Customers also reduce the cycle cost from ordering elevators to using elevators and improve the cash flow rate

2. The use of Bluetooth technology in the elevator will certainly make the elevator control system use the latest and fastest computers, which will further improve the reliability of the elevator machine, greatly reduce the failure rate, and further improve the degree of the control fine round steel should be processed into a round sample with a diameter of 25 mm. The result is that the elevator is more comfortable and the leveling is more accurate. At the same time, it is also possible to check the status of the elevator through the network in the future, especially the advance maintenance of the elevator can be better and more comprehensive

3. The transformation of old ladders will be easier, and the time and cost will be reduced. According to the statistical table, 50000 old elevators will enter the renovation market every year, and the use of this technology will produce huge social and enterprise benefits

4. The compatibility and connection between elevator control and peripheral equipment are well solved. In particular, elevators and escalators can be summarized into building management, so 1 we must carefully select systems or intelligent management community systems

5. If the control screen is connected with the calling system through Bluetooth technology to realize wireless calling, it will be another revolution in elevator control and bring us great benefits at the same time


the development level of elevator technology reflects the scientific civilization of society. The height limitation of skyscrapers is not only a factor of building technology, but also an important factor is the limitation of elevator lifting height. It is believed that with the development and research of elevator technology, efficient, high-speed and intelligent elevators will provide high-quality and good services. Inorganic room, gearless, electromagnetic compatibility, remote monitoring and other technologies will be important research directions of elevator industry in the next few years

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