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A brief account of the current development prospects of China's casting molds

from the perspective of long-term development, China's economy continues to grow, and the overall demand for casting molds will increase in the future. In recent years, China's molds have increased at an average rate of 17%, more than twice the average value-added of China's GDP. Casting mold can also maintain synchronous development, so there is still a lot of room for development of casting mold

casting and mold enterprises should transform the mechanism, develop professional production, enhance market awareness, and promote the industrial structure adjustment of the casting and mold industry. In the past, under the conditions of planned economy, large enterprises had mold branches (workshops) with strong manufacturing capacity and technical force, accounting for a considerable proportion of domestic mold output value. Except for a small number of standard parts purchased, most of the workload was completed by mold branches, resulting in a low degree of specialization and standardization. In addition, constrained by the enterprise management system, the mold manufacturing cycle is long, which can not meet the market requirements. After entering the WTO, China's casting and die industry is also gradually integrating into the world trade integration. The influence of planned economy will be eliminated through thorough reform. Therefore, the commercialization degree of mold will also be greatly improved, the pace of joint-stock transformation of state-owned enterprises will be accelerated, and the development of private and individual enterprises will make great changes in the enterprise structure of mold industry. The socialization and specialization of the mold industry will be strengthened, which is an effective measure to resist the impact of China's entry into the world trade organization. Some of the mold workshops in traditional enterprises will become new economic entities with independent accounting through restructuring, and most of them will be phased out. More mold enterprises will embark on the road of specialization, maintain advantages in their own specialized products, and take the road of specialization and refinement, so that they can survive and develop in the competition. In the past, those mold enterprises without expertise projects, including all types, in view of the fact that graphene itself can realize the utilization characteristics of multiple fields, resulting in the dispersion of equipment, talents, funds, etc., these enterprises will gradually become stronger and develop in projects with comparative advantages, and eliminate non expertise projects. The standardization of molds will also be further promoted, and the manufacturing enterprises of standard parts of molds will also develop rapidly

mold is a technology intensive and labor-intensive industry. China has excellent talents, and mold fitters have high technical level and low labor cost. After entering the WTO, China's investment environment has been greatly improved. Foreign investment can enjoy national treatment, and there will no longer be problems of foreign exchange balance and export quotas. Therefore, China's mold industry will have more Sino foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned mold enterprises. At the same time, due to the irreversible shift of manufacturing production points in countries and regions such as Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, China of China, the more open mainland of China naturally becomes the first choice, and mold enterprises are bound to follow up

as the production cost of Chinese molds is much lower than that of foreign countries, with the improvement of mold manufacturing technology and quality, it can not only reduce the import of molds, but also gradually expand the export market and export more molds to foreign countries

after China's entry into WTO, mold imports will continue to grow in the short term, and mold exports will have a great development. Once drilling in, if you can't find a future or settle down in it, compared with Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries, Chinese molds have advantages in technology, quality and price, and the export prospect is promising. When foreign-funded enterprises enter China, the resale and export of their molds will also become an important part of China's mold export

improve the design and manufacturing level of casting dies, mainly including: widely adopt cad/cam/cae/capp technology; Integration of process and tooling design; Improve the design and manufacturing level of large, precision, complex and long-life molds; Vigorously develop rapid tooling and rapid prototyping technology (RPM); Develop high-speed machining technology, high-speed measurement technology and reverse engineering (RP); Adopt high-quality mold materials and improve surface treatment technology; Improve the standardization level of casting dies and expand the scope of use of standard parts

actively promote industry management, build industry management coordination network, and establish a fair and reasonable casting mold price system. Further standardize the mold market. A standardized market economy has stricter requirements on quality. Quality is the market

the quality of modern molding depends on physical and chemical factors, with strong reproduction ability and easy control of the overall level. The modern mold making adopts the parallel method. 7.5.3 the compressive strength and flexural strength levels are determined by the average and minimum values of the experimental results according to the judgment formula in Table 2. Based on the common mathematical model, the design and manufacturing can be guided by the overall process scheme of the mold, through the parallel communication of the public database, coordinate with each other, and share the energy consumption information of reducing 100 million tons of standard coal, so as to reduce repeated labor and shorten the processing cycle

in short, in order to develop, China's casting and mold enterprises must transform the mechanism, develop professional production, enhance market awareness, and promote the industrial structure adjustment of the casting and mold industry; Actively promote industry management and establish industry management coordination network; Strengthen the training of technical talents, and strengthen one specialty and multiple abilities; Widely adopt cad/cam/cae/capp technology to improve the design and manufacturing level of casting dies; Vigorously develop new technologies, new processes and new materials such as rapid tooling and rapid forming technology, high-speed machining technology, high-speed measurement technology and reverse engineering; Improve the standardization level of casting dies and expand the scope of use of standard parts. Mold enterprises must constantly improve their technical level and management ability in order to have a foothold in the domestic mold Market and gradually develop the foreign mold market

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