On the development of domestic machinery industry

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Discussion on the market development of domestic machinery industry

although the global economy is still depressed due to the impact of the financial tsunami, the mainland macro-economy has maintained a good momentum of development. Driven by the large-scale economic stimulus plan introduced by the anchor fatigue testing machine, the manufacturing industry has shown a stable upward trend. Therefore, some professionals expect that the general machinery industry in the mainland is expected to recover significantly in the second half of the year. Guangdong Machinery Industry is one of the important gathering places in the mainland, with an annual demand of more than 10 billion. Seeing this opportunity, some Hong Kong enterprises went north to hold the first general machinery exhibition in Guangzhou to expand business opportunities in the industry

Guangdong general machinery is in great demand. At present, with the implementation of the adjustment and revitalization plan of the top ten industries in the mainland, the main application fields of general machinery, filtration and separation machinery and drying equipment will continue to maintain steady and rapid development, and the market prospect is broad. Industry temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃ Deformation range: 0 (1) mm Deformation accuracy: 0.01 mm Electric displacement zero adjustment Automatically collect experimental data Built in printer Load range: 0.75n (5) 0n Experimental span: 60 ⑴ 20 ㎜ continuously adjustable People expect that the general machinery industry is a barometer of the manufacturing industry and is expected to show a significant recovery in the second half of the year

it is reported that in the petrochemical industry, although the long-term high operation of ethylene prices in the mainland will seriously infringe the interests of downstream producers, more than 20 sets of 800000 to 1million ton/year ethylene plants will be built and transformed, more than 10 million ton/year PTA plants will be built, more than 20 sets of 10million ton oil refineries will be built and transformed, tens of thousands of kilometers of oil and gas pipelines will be built, and large coal to oil plants will be developed. In the field of power industry, the installed power capacity will increase from 500million kW in 2005 to 950million kW in 2020. In the field of metallurgical industry, two to three large-scale iron and steel complex enterprises with a scale of 30million tons will be built, and large-scale transformation with the purpose of large-scale, energy conservation and environmental protection will be implemented. In the next few years, Guangdong will invest as much as 1.5 trillion yuan in automobiles, ships, machinery, steel, electronic information and other fields. The so-called paper tensile strength refers to the maximum tensile field that a unit width of paper or paperboard can withstand before it breaks

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