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The development of pharmaceutical packaging industry (Part I)

it has been 20 years since the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association was established in Guangzhou in 1980. Not long ago, Zhang Heyong, President of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, made a speech, reviewing the work of the association in recent years and talking about its vision for future development

adhere to service and play a bridge role

1. Adapt to the situation of institutional reform and assist the government in its work

after the re establishment of the State Drug Administration in 1998, the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association was entrusted to organize the preparation of the outline of the Tenth Five Year Plan for pharmaceutical packaging materials, which provided the development direction of the pharmaceutical packaging industry for the country and provided a basis for the development of pharmaceutical packaging

the association actively assisted the government departments in formulating and revising the standards for drug packaging materials, and also published a compilation of standards for drug packaging materials

the association has done a lot of preliminary research on the elimination of straight neck ampoules, lead tin ointment tubes and natural rubber plugs. We grind and grade fly ash, hand capsules, and promote curved neck easy to break ampoules, butyl rubber plugs, machine-made capsules and other products, which has effectively promoted the upgrading of products

2. Organize pharmaceutical packaging enterprises to study and implement GMP norms. After the establishment of SDA, it is proposed that GMP should be fully implemented and certified step by step. The export of extruder products fluctuates. At present, the certification of blood products manufacturers has been completed, and the certification of large infusion and powder injection manufacturers is about to be completed. It is required to fully complete the GMP certification of water injection in 2002. In 1996, the former State Pharmaceutical Administration issued Order No. 15, namely, the production quality management specifications for packaging materials and containers in direct contact with drugs (Trial), and the association timely organized various professional committees to draft GMP implementation guidelines for hollow capsules, PVC hard tablets, PTP aluminum foil, plastic bottles, butyl rubber plugs and other products

adapt to the situation and seize the development opportunity

the 20 years passed by China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association is the fastest development period of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry, and great changes have taken place in standardization, standardization, technological progress, product renewal and so on

1. We should seize the opportunity of "joining the WTO" and connect with the world.

after joining the WTO, the challenges we face cannot be ignored. Most of our enterprises are small. In the next 10 years: what changes can 3D printing bring to the plastic industry? The report of Smartech also said that the management, technology and marketing means are relatively backward. If you want to have a foothold in the fierce competition, you must integrate with the international market as soon as possible, start with the enterprise development strategy, transform the management mechanism, adjust the industrial structure, and increase the investment in science and technology

2. We should grasp the reform environment and open up new markets

with the introduction of China's medical system reform and insurance system reform, the pharmaceutical market structure will undergo major changes, which will inevitably bring new opportunities to the development of closely related pharmaceutical packaging materials and container markets

the implementation of drug classification management is a major reform in China. The market potential of over-the-counter drugs (OTC) is huge. According to the prediction of relevant parties, the sales of OTC drugs in the world will reach US $64 billion by 2000. China's first batch of OTC drug catalogue has been published, and the second batch has also begun to follow the determination method of Jinan testing machine. In order to facilitate consumers' identification and self selection, there are new requirements for OTC drug packaging, and corresponding improvements should be made in the decoration design

3. Closely following the pace of pharmaceutical reform, developing new packaging

large-scale and intensive management of pharmaceutical circulation system has become a new growth point. Chain operation is the main way of sales in developed countries in the world today. Although China's pharmaceutical chain operation started late, it developed rapidly. Distribution center is the core link of chain operation, and the internal and external packaging of drugs distributed should highlight the image of each enterprise

after joining the WTO, the export of China's pharmaceutical products will increase, and there will be new requirements for the packaging of export products. In addition, the current level of drug use in rural China is low, and the market potential is great

children's safety packaging has not attracted enough attention. Soon, the state will have clear regulations, which is an important task for pharmaceutical enterprises and packaging enterprises

deepen reform and adapt to the development situation

we should not only look forward to the future, but also based on the present. In our future work, we should focus on the following aspects: (to be continued)

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