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Talking about the development of digital printing from Lulu layoffs

lulu began to layoff, and the dent depth measured by the punch displacement is the experimental result. Simply from the perspective of the Internet, Lulu station does not have much influence. If you use Alexa to query, Lulu station ranks around 5000 stations in the world, which shows that it is at best a little famous station. However, the layoffs at Lulu station have a huge impact on the printing industry. Why? Because the operation mode of Lulu station was once a model hyped by many digital printing manufacturers, and it is considered to be a benchmark to lead the future printing industry, especially publishing and personalized printing

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lulu station is self publishing, in other words, everyone can use Lulu station for personal publishing. In foreign countries, the publication management adopts the registration system rather than the Chinese audit system, so as long as your works do not violate the content of local laws, you can sell them without any approval, and as long as you spend a little money, your works can even have the serial code of the International Book Number, of course, on the premise that someone buys your books. What Lulu station does is to help you realize your publishing dream. Anyone can put his works on Lulu station after pricing. As long as someone buys them, Lulu station will help with printing and distribution; If you want to print a few books yourself, there is no problem

the printing volume of each kind of books printed by Lulu station is not large. If there is an order of hundreds of books, I'm afraid it is massive on lulu. However, Lulu station prints a large amount of books every year, and the variety of books published is also massive. Lulu station can be said to be synonymous with multi variety, small batch, personalized and on-demand printing, which can mark the best annotation for digital printing

packaging materials refer to the materials used to manufacture packaging containers, packaging decoration, packaging printing, packaging transportation and other materials that meet the packaging requirements of products. However, this digital printing banner began to lay off staff ten years after its establishment. Lulu station did not give a very sufficient reason for this layoff, but the COO of the company said by email that: (Lulu) is implementing the simplification strategy and adjusting the focus. Lulu's broader mission should be to help people tell their stories and share successful experiences. In order to help them achieve this goal, Lulu will reorganize the team structure of our headquarters and offices around the world

this explanation is very vague, but it can be found that the essence of Lulu has not changed, but the form of publishing may change in the future. Paper books may no longer be its focus, and electronic publishing has become the development direction. If this is true, it means that digital printing has just found its own opportunity to take off, but it finds that its sky has disappeared. What a sad thing

of course, this is only an interpretation of the layoff action of Lulu station, which may be incorrect, and it is also an interpretation that people in the printing industry do not want to see. We also hope that there are other reasons for the layoffs at Lulu station. Here, let's wait and see for the time being

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