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Large scale afforestation and three-dimensional greening

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core tip: with the joint efforts of all parties, the city has been implementing the deployment and requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government that it will be very dangerous to focus on improving the ecological environment, Since the beginning of this year, the city has conscientiously implemented a series of arrangements and requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on striving to improve the ecological environment, and has extensively carried out afforestation. 520000 mu of new afforestation has been added in the city's rural areas, and 45million trees have been planted. Both the afforestation area and the number of trees have exceeded the tasks assigned by the province. 8.085 million square meters of green space were added in the urban area, and 6.402 million trees and shrubs were planted. The city's forest coverage rate reached 35.2%, an increase of 1.2 percentage points over last year

the city adheres to the high starting point positioning and great planning, takes urban and rural greening as an important starting point for improving the ecological environment and air pollution prevention, and focuses on the implementation of the provincial capital greening project of "one mountain, two rings and three rivers". Namely, Xishan regional greening, ecological forest around the provincial capital and economic forest around the provincial capital, as well as Hutuo River, Dasha River and Cihe River (Mudaogou) greening, set up ecological barriers around the provincial capital. The green beauty corridor greening project takes increasing green and improving quality as the main line. The city's road greening construction has been continuously strengthened, and the amount of green has increased rapidly. Green corridors are erected on both sides of high-speed railways, expressways and national and provincial trunk roads

to solve the park facilities and landscapes most concerned and reflected by the people, so as to avoid accidents and performance degradation caused by a large amount of dust inhalation into the unit Focusing on the poor problems, the project focused on the implementation of the urban park upgrading project, with a total of 46000 trees and shrubs planted, and 495300 square meters of newly built and upgraded green space. At the same time, the urban water system greening project, the County Park creation project, and the rural landscape improvement and village greening project have been launched. In addition, great efforts have been made to carry out national and provincial key greening projects such as Taihang Mountain greening. Through the vigorous implementation of urban and rural greening projects, great changes have taken place in both quantity and quality of greening work

the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have always attached great importance to urban and rural greening. They have taken urban and rural greening as an important measure to improve the ecological environment and atmospheric environment of the provincial capital, promote the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and build a happy Shijiazhuang, forming a working force of "one level at a time, one level at a time, and one level at a time", effectively ensuring the implementation of urban and rural greening

focusing on actively solving the bottleneck factors such as capital, management and protection, and mechanism that restrict the urban and rural greening work can be seen from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder, our city adheres to the four measures of increasing investment, strengthening management and protection, innovating mechanism, and managing forests according to law, effectively ensuring the implementation of key afforestation and greening projects. We have actively broadened the channels of capital investment and raised funds from various sources. Our city has issued and implemented preferential policies such as forest land compensation and financial compensation, listed special funds to subsidize large-scale and high standard ecological green land, and encouraged and supported social funds, industrial and commercial funds and other capital elements to invest in forestry, greatly alleviating the problem of afforestation land. This year, the city has invested 3.73 billion yuan in afforestation, including 1.53 billion yuan from the municipal finance

innovate afforestation mode. In line with the idea that the government should be green, farmers should benefit and society should benefit, efforts should be made to innovate the land circulation mechanism, market-oriented afforestation mechanism, industrialized management and protection mechanism and other afforestation mechanisms, encourage and guide large and multi household contracted management, support leading enterprises and cooperative organizations to build economic forest bases, participate in the development of forest and fruit industry, and further improve the afforestation mechanisms such as cooperatives + farmers, companies + cooperatives + farmers, It has realized the organic combination of afforestation and farmers' interests, and greatly mobilized the afforestation enthusiasm of the broad masses

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