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The compound annual yield increase rate of adipic acid in the global market is expected to exceed 3%

for example, the carbon fiber reinforced PA series developed by Jinmin new material has obvious weight reduction effect The adipic acid market is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate of more than 3%. Adipic acid is a necessary material for manufacturing nylon, which is widely used in the automotive market

nylon 66 made of adipic acid is widely used in the automotive industry and is expected to contribute to the global adipic acid market. At the same time, the application of adipic acid in the textile and electronic industries is also increasing, and the increasing demand for polyurethane is also expected to promote market growth. Manufacturers and consumers are constantly aware of the need to reduce carbon emissions, which may increase the commercial use of biological adipic acid, thus increasing market demand. With more and more government welfare and price subsidies, manufacturers have begun to produce biological adipic acid

with the increasing demand for adipic acid, R & D is expected to promote the bio based market. Manufacturing enterprises, end product manufacturers and associations are expected to inject a new round of funds into future bio based technological innovation

due to the growing demand for polyamide 66 in industrial products, electronics, electrical and automotive industries, the market value and quantity of adipic acid in the Asia Pacific region is expected to be only as high as that in Europe and the United States. The North American market is expected to grow significantly. Adipic acid markets in Russia and Latin America are also expected to be successful

the major producers in this market, including vanadium mining enterprises, have achieved very high profitability, including INVISTA, Shandong Haili chemical industry, aoshengde high performance materials, lantiqi, Solvay and BASF. Other important manufacturers in the market include American tartaric acid product organization, celexion, KIC chemical, petroleum, TR international, SK capital partners, TCI Tokyo Chemical and verdezyne, etc

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