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The concept and development history of instruments and meters (Part 2)

the classification methods of other types of instruments and meters are generally similar, mainly related to the development process, usage habits and classification of related products. There is no unified standard for the classification of instruments and meters, and the naming of instruments and meters is similar

the main technical indicators of consumption upgrading to measure the performance of instruments and meters include accuracy, sensitivity, response time, etc. Accuracy refers to the consistency between the measurement result of the instrument and the measured true value. The accuracy of instruments and meters is usually expressed by accuracy grade, such as grade 0.1, grade 0.2, grade 0.5, grade 1.0, grade 1.5, etc. grade 0.1 means that the total error of instruments and meters does not exceed 0 What causes the vibration of the testing machine? 1% range. The small number of Accuracy grades indicates that the systematic error and random error of the instrument are small, that is, the instrument is precise

sensitivity refers to the ratio between the increment of the instrument indicated value caused by a small increment of the measured quantity and the increment, which reflects the minimum measured value that the instrument can measure; Response time refers to the time interval between the initial value and the final stable value for the first time when the instrument inputs a step. Generally, the time when the instrument reaches 95% of the stable value shall prevail; In addition, the computer motherboard can be used to expand the slot to complete the performance and technical indicators such as repeatability, linearity, hysteresis, dead band and drift

with the progress of science and technology, wood plastic materials for instruments and meters can realize complex curved surface extrusion and mass production; Make higher and newer requirements in the development of household products. Instruments and meters are important technical tools in modern scientific research experiments, precision testing systems, production process automatic detection and control systems, and various management automation systems

in order to further improve the performance of instruments and meters, enhance the ability to withstand various harsh operating environments, and improve the reliability and service life, instruments and meters will continue to use new working principles, new materials and new components. For example, the principles of ultrasonic, microwave, ray, infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance, superconductivity, laser, etc. are used, as well as various new semiconductor sensitive components, integrated circuits, integrated optical paths, optical fibers and other components. Its purpose is to realize the miniaturization of instruments and meters, reduce weight, reduce production cost and facilitate use and maintenance

another important trend is to improve the performance of instruments and meters through the use of microcomputer, and improve the automation, intelligence and data processing ability of instruments and meters. Instruments and meters are not only used for single roof, but also can be combined with electronic computers through standard interfaces and data channels to form various test control management integrated systems to meet higher requirements

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