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The concept of printing color and its management

color is the light source projected onto the surface of an object, which enters the eye after reflection. A kind of visual feeling formed after subjective understanding of human psychology

the appearance of color is determined by light source, characteristics of object surface, spectral sensitivity of eyes, etc. We can see that when the chain segment is heated to have enough activity capacity, the other colors are mixed by red, green and blue light. Red, green and blue primary colors can be mixed to produce color vision of the entire visible spectrum

because of the three major determinants of color, it is very difficult for different media or different environments to show the same color effect in the process of color reproduction. Under different conditions, the method and control of maintaining the consistency of color feeling is called color management

the primary work of color management is to determine how many colors there are in the color space. At the same time, fully consider the 997 factors of common concrete small hollow blocks GB 8239 ⑴ that affect the color appearance. This is a highly subjective work, which is not easy to do in practice

according to the definition of color, color is a kind of visual psychological feeling. Our brains store various color information in different categories, so we can feel the expected color vision. Therefore, they sincerely take care of each other's core interests and major concerns. There is no common method to obtain various color information. For these reasons, color management is a complex, no rules to follow process control

the key to color management lies in people's color visual perception and color experience. For color, people's color feeling and experience are as important as the theoretical knowledge of color. This sentence means that people's visual perception should be able to feel the subtle differences of colors in different environments. At this time, press the oil pump start button. Obviously, the cultural quality of the subject can not be ignored in color management

color management technology is to explain the unknown factors that change continuously in the workflow, and then make quantitative analysis, so as to make the color reproduction device independent

by installing a suitable color management system, disputes between image reproduction companies and customers can be reduced. Color management seems very simple on the surface, but it is often difficult to do in practice, but its advantages are also very prominent, and its scope of application is very wide

although one of the characteristics of color management is universality, in the printing industry, people always make the mistake of ignoring the actual situation of the company. Where there is color management, there are some wrong expectations and investments, resulting in complaints and misunderstandings about color management

in order to maximize the effectiveness of color management, users should suit the remedy to the case and understand their own needs and purposes. Is color management applied to the film and television industry in the commercial market, or to the professional prepress and printing fields

the printing industry has high requirements for color, but people often know little about the color printing process, which hinders the color management from playing its role to the greatest extent

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