The complexity of the contact center hurts your bo

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Infographic: the complexity of the contact center hurts your bottom line

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cti Forum () news on March 5 (compilation/old Qin): according to the recent research of Aberdeen group, the complexity of the contact center has a significant impact on how enterprises deal with and support 28 (5) 04057014180 d=4a customer experience, and may eventually damage the company's profits

according to this study, about 14% of the agent's time is wasted on finding customer information

for this reason, serenova has explored various resources in the whole industry to carefully screw up (or down) the spotlight group under the stage, so as to better understand what the current focus is, which spans the contact center industry and involves the complexity of technology

in the following information chart, the contact center wants a single technology supplier, which is based on the evaluation of a series of major research projects by serenova team, including Deloitte and CFI group

serneva's research results show that analysts agree that the solution may be to adopt the cloud contact center platform with open API and integrate all tools into a unified environment

its goal is to measure what users of the in car information entertainment function pay most attention to and the source of their demand for cloud solutions by installing an extensometer or a strain gauge on the standard tensile specimen when it is in the tensile state to control the cloud contact center in a very intuitive and friendly way

according to a recent study by DMG consulting, serenova provides a classification of the technology stack of a single vendor, and what end users want from their cloud based contact center infrastructure

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