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The gathering degree of waste power generation industry has been continuously improved, and the "going out" leap of the whole industrial chain has been realized

with the attention paid by the state to the construction of ecological civilization and the prevention and resolution of the avoidance effect, garbage power generation will usher in a better development environment and show a better development momentum

at the "2018 8th China waste to energy development forum and solid waste treatment technology exchange meeting" held on April 13, huxiaofeng, deputy director of the new energy department of the General Institute of hydropower and water resources planning and design, said that China ranks first in the world in terms of installed capacity of domestic waste power generation and waste treatment capacity. The technology is basically mature and the degree of industrial agglomeration is constantly improving, which has the conditions to accelerate the healthy development of the industry and avoid too high cost

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1 industrial policy system gradually improved advanced environmental protection concept project was born

waste power generation, as an important way of waste treatment, is a key supporting industry in China

"since the 13th five year plan, the annual fixed asset investment in China's domestic waste treatment industry has been maintained at 40-50billion yuan. The 13th five year plan and the issuance of a number of policies have accelerated the formation of a good atmosphere for the government and society to jointly promote the development of the industry." Liu Chang, deputy chief engineer of the environmental sanitation engineering technology research center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, said at the meeting that from the perspective of economy and sustainability, waste incineration needs to achieve energy production and sales through power generation, heat supply and cooling - the general energy sales revenue can reach 50-100% of the operating cost of the incineration plant. Otherwise, the incineration cost will be very expensive only with government subsidies

garbage power generation has become the domestic garbage treatment mode most in line with China's national conditions at present because of its good income and relatively simple management

According to xuhaiyun, chief engineer of China Urban Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd.

the operation cost of garbage power plants is generally 600000-800000/ton, the payback period of the project investment is 8-10 years, and the total income is 250-350 yuan/ton, of which the income from power generation accounts for about 75%, and the income from garbage disposal fees between real clamping devices accounts for about 25%. Gai Dongfei, senior engineer of Shandong biomass direct fired power generation engineering technology center, introduced at the meeting that by the end of 2017, China had built and put into operation about 303 waste power plants, with a total installed capacity of about 6280 MW and a total processing capacity of 304000 tons/day

these projects are mainly concentrated in the economically developed areas in eastern China, and the distribution of waste disposal capacity is the same. Among them, the installed capacity of waste power generation in the eastern, central and western regions respectively accounts for 68%, 20% and 12% of the country, and the waste treatment capacity is 76.6 million tons, 17.6 million tons and 10.34 million tons respectively

in recent years, China's waste power generation industry has been gathering more and more, and has basically formed a complete set of industrial systems, such as investment and operation, design consulting, equipment manufacturing, etc

huxiaofeng, please remember! According to the limit switch for pre use inspection, with the improvement of the waste classification system and the continuous strengthening of the management of domestic waste incineration, the policy system of China's waste power generation industry has been gradually improved, and a number of projects with leading and advanced environmental protection concepts have been born. For example, the ongoing project of Shenzhen East environmental protection power plant will have a daily treatment capacity of 5000 tons, which will become the world's largest waste power generation project after completion, The project will use the latest technology in the world

at the same time,

China's waste power generation enterprises have gradually achieved the development goal of "going global" along the the Belt and Road - in September 2017, the first waste power generation project in Africa undertaken by China Power Engineering Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in Ethiopia, marking that China's waste incineration industry, including waste power generation, has officially realized the "going global" leap of the whole industrial chain

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focus on improving the economic benefits of power stations

increase the ability of technological innovation

while welcoming the prospect of large-scale development, the development of China's waste power generation industry is also facing multiple challenges. Liu Chang concluded that since the "13th five year plan", the intensive introduction of policies has brought short-term changes and long-term more far-reaching changes to the domestic waste treatment industry, including waste power generation. The proportion of sub sectors is changing. Even if the market scale of domestic waste treatment industry continues to expand, the growth mode of horse race enclosure still cannot meet the increasing environmental demands of the government and the public

therefore, the experts attending the meeting unanimously called for the early start of the integrated project of garbage collection and storage, transportation of urban and rural garbage, and the combination of garbage power generation with biomass power generation and heating, and the treatment of sludge and kitchen garbage according to local conditions, so as to further enhance the scale and development capacity of China's garbage power generation industry. At the same time, it is suggested to provide necessary "human, financial and material" support to waste power generation enterprises, give priority to supporting excellent enterprises that are honest and trustworthy, have strong financial strength and management strength, and mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in waste power generation business from the perspective of improving the economic benefits of waste power generation plants

increasing the scale of waste treatment, increasing the annual operating hours of power plants, increasing the calorific value of waste and increasing waste subsidies are the most direct means to improve the economic benefits of power plants. In addition, energy conservation, consumption reduction and land acquisition and lease cost reduction can also effectively improve the economic benefits of the power station

gedongfei made suggestions that

at the same time, there are also some difficulties in the preliminary works related to the waste power generation project. For example, at the feasibility stage of the certification project, due to the fierce competition among enterprises and the continuous construction of new treatment facilities around, the shortage of garbage will gradually become the main contradiction, and it is difficult to select qualified suppliers who must pay attention to the common faults of the friction and wear testing machine

Wang Peng, deputy director of the new energy planning and Development Department of CLP, said that solving these problems has more practical significance for promoting the development of waste power generation industry

in this regard,

a number of experts suggested that the scheme of "unified planning and phased construction" and PPP mode should be adopted, and the difficulty of including the subsidy in the government budget in the later period should be reduced

in addition,

technological innovation requirements are enhanced, which is also one of the challenges faced by China's waste power generation industry. In recent years, despite the continuous improvement of power generation and environmental protection technology, equipment manufacturing and R & D capabilities of China's waste power generation industry, however, "At present, the low-end and homogeneous competition of waste incineration technology products in China is serious, and the application and promotion of advanced technology and intelligent equipment is slow. There is still a big gap with the current national green development and increasingly strict environmental protection regulatory requirements, and the technological innovation ability needs to be further improved." Zhang Wei, general manager of technology research and development of green power environmental protection group, believes that

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