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The comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest exceeded 67%

in 2018, the national comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest exceeded 67%, and more than 300 demonstration counties took the lead in basically realizing the whole process mechanization. The application of new agricultural machinery equipment and new technologies in all aspects of agricultural industries has been accelerated, and China's agricultural mechanization has taken a new step in the overall, high-quality and efficient development of the whole process

new breakthroughs have been made in the mechanization of the whole process. Focusing on the nine major crops of grain, cotton, oil and sugar, such as wheat, rice, corn, potato, soybean, rape, peanut, cotton and sugarcane, and the six main links of the whole process mechanization, such as coke farming, planting, harvesting, origin drying, high-efficiency plant protection, and straw treatment, we strengthened the goal orientation of "bridging the gap, promoting integration, and improving the level", carried out a series of field promotion activities of the whole process mechanization in different crop regions, summarized and promoted a number of suitable mechanized varieties, agronomic cultivation The load of the machine in the hydraulic universal experimental machine can be expressed through the oil pressure of the hydraulic oil. It is a solution for the integration of mechanical equipment and business mode, and strives to build a number of core demonstration bases for the integrated application of advanced agricultural mechanization technology and efficient operation service mode. In the main production areas, breakthroughs were accelerated in weak links such as rice mechanical transplanting, direct corn grain harvesting, cotton oil sugar crop mechanical harvesting, and the capacity of producing area drying, efficient plant protection, and straw treatment mechanization was significantly improved. In 2018, the machine planting (sowing) rate of rice exceeded 48%, and the machine yields of corn and potato were close to 70% and 30% respectively, both increasing by more than 2 percentage points year-on-year; The mechanization rate of rape harvest, peanut planting and harvest exceeded 40%, increasing by more than 3 percentage points year-on-year

(continued from the first edition) the cotton machine picking rate in Xinjiang reached 35%, an increase of 8 percentage points year-on-year, and the machine picking rate in Northern Xinjiang and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps exceeded 80%; The optimization and improvement of mechanized equipment capacity, production mode and operation mechanism in Guangxi and other major sugarcane production areas have been accelerated. It is estimated that the area of machine harvest in 2018-2019 will be twice as large as that in the previous pressing season

comprehensive mechanization has new development. We formulated and implemented the action plan for the promotion of key technologies for the full and comprehensive development of agricultural mechanization, held the first national on-site promotion meeting for the mechanization of fruit, vegetable and tea production, promoted the expansion of mechanization from staple crops to cash crops such as fruit, vegetable and tea, from planting to animal husbandry, fishery, primary processing and facility agriculture, from plain areas to hilly and mountainous areas, and from agricultural production to farmers' lives and rural ecology. The national promotion area of fruit, vegetable and tea mechanization technology has exceeded 390million Mu times, the comprehensive mechanization rate of fruit and vegetable production is close to 30%, and the whole process mechanization mode of tea planting and processing has begun to be popularized in Zhejiang and other major production areas. In Chongqing, Hunan and other places, the pace of farmland "suitable for mechanization" has accelerated, and the mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas has begun to accelerate

subject cultivation has been improved. Organize and hold the National On-The-Spot Meeting for upgrading the socialized service of agricultural machinery, and guide the development of professional and comprehensive new subjects, new formats and new models, such as "whole process trusteeship", "integration of machinery and agriculture", "whole process mechanization + comprehensive agricultural services". We carried out the rotation training for the directors of 10000 Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, actively developed the "Internet + agricultural machinery" service, innovated the organization, management and operation mechanism, further improved the development momentum of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, and tightened and invigorated the screws on the grippers. In 2018, China's agricultural machinery operation service organizations reached 187000, including 70000 Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, and the national agricultural machinery socialized service area exceeded 4.2 billion mu times, effectively promoting the organic connection between the production of the electric control system of the small-scale farmers' high-frequency fatigue test-bed and the development of modern agriculture

the policy guarantee has been strengthened. The three parts of the agricultural and financial concrete pressure testing machine, including the main organism, hydraulic control box and force measuring instrument, jointly issued the guidance on the implementation of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery in. For the first time, an open subsidy was fully implemented for the key machinery and tools in the whole process of mechanization. For the first time, imported machinery and tools were allowed to enjoy the same subsidy. For the first time, the pilot subsidy for new products (including the pilot of plant protection unmanned aircraft) was extended to the whole country. 26 provinces have piloted the "three in one" pilot of subsidy application app, machine QR code and work IOT, making it a reality for farmers to apply for subsidies "once at most". Highlight the advanced application and green ecological orientation, implement key subsidies for machines and tools in water, fertilizer and medicine saving and the resource utilization of agricultural wastes, and support the application of green agricultural mechanization technology through operation subsidies. Throughout the year, the area of mechanized deep scarification, conservation tillage and straw returning to the field exceeded 150million mu, 110million Mu and 750million Mu respectively, adding new momentum to the sustainable development of agriculture. Longxin

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