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Baotou's comprehensive utilization and disposal capacity of solid wastes will increase by ten million tons

release date: Source: Baotou Municipal People's Government Office

with the help of the policy of "waste free city" pilot construction, Baotou has promoted the implementation of 80 pilot projects, with a total investment of 17.1 billion yuan. By the end of 2020, the overall progress of pilot projects was good, including 52 completed projects and 28 projects under construction. After the completion of the project, the comprehensive utilization, treatment and disposal capacity of solid waste in Baotou will increase by nearly ten million tons

at present, the 48 pilot tasks identified in the "waste free city" construction pilot program of Baotou City have been fully launched, 48 of the 52 indicators have been completed ahead of schedule or basically meet the target requirements, and the remaining 4 indicators are being fully promoted

optimize the industrial structure

promote the source reduction of solid waste

adjust the industrial layout, Baotou City has issued relevant measures to increase preferential policies in land, finance and other aspects, and promote the relocation and transformation of high polluting enterprises in the main urban areas

in terms of industrial transformation and upgrading, focusing on the new metallurgical industry, we will spare no effort to promote the extension, supplement and increase of the traditional industry chain, and continue to extend the industrial chain. Among them, the aluminum precision and deep processing industry shows a trend of accelerating agglomeration. The construction of China hydrogen energy new material industrial park has started, and a number of high value-added projects such as the construction of 20000 tons of high-purity aluminum by Baotou Aluminum Corporation have been completed and put into operation. In the city, 11 products were identified as the first set of major technical equipment, and 3 parts were identified as the first batch of key parts

in terms of the construction of green manufacturing system, focusing on iron and steel, nonferrous metals, rare earth, electrolytic aluminum, chemical industry and other industries, the park's recycling transformation and Green Park creation indicators are included in the assessment system to solidly promote the green transformation and upgrading of industry. At present, five industrial parks including the rare earth high tech Zone have completed the recycling transformation, and a total of 3 green parks, 15 green factories and 14 green design products have been built

in terms of optimizing the energy structure, we accelerated the deployment of new energy utilization projects such as solar energy and wind energy. By the end of 2020, the city's new energy installed capacity had reached 6.1382 million KW, accounting for 37% of the city's combined installed capacity. In 2021, the city will also promote the first phase of 1.6 million KW affordable wind power construction project in Damao Banner

strengthen top-level design

improve the comprehensive utilization rate of bulk industrial solid wastes

in terms of policy guidance, research and formulate measures to further strengthen policy support from land, finance, taxation, science and technology, environmental protection and other aspects, so as to promote the industrial agglomeration and high-quality development of comprehensive utilization of solid wastes. Among them, permeable bricks made from solid wastes have been popularized and applied in the "national ecological garden city quality improvement project"

organize the preparation of development plans to further consolidate the foundation of top-level design. As for the formulation of local standards, in order to effectively promote the comprehensive utilization of large industrial solid wastes such as fly ash, a national expert team is entrusted to study and formulate relevant management regulations and technical specifications with the hope aluminum fly ash recycling sand pit ecological restoration and yanggeling coal mine treatment as pilot projects

actively promote the use of steel slag and fly ash in road engineering construction. At present, Baotou Iron and Steel Group has drafted four local standards, such as the technical code for the cascade utilization and production of steel slag in Inner Mongolia, and fly ash has carried out subgrade filling tests in Dengkou section of provincial highway 315. By using big data and IOT monitoring technology, we have promoted the whole process, closed-loop and intelligent supervision of industrial solid waste. At present, 85 key solid waste enterprises have been successfully accessed

carry out agricultural waste treatment

improve the green level of agricultural development

further improve the construction of straw collection, storage and transportation system, take tuyou banner as a pilot, carry out the "national comprehensive utilization project of crop straw" throughout the banner, and focus on supporting the construction of straw collection and storage facilities in 6 cooperatives. Three large-scale straw processing enterprises and 56 straw collection, processing, storage and transportation stations have been established, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in the city has reached more than 85%

in terms of recycling of waste plastic film, actively promote the use of plastic film with a thickness of more than 0.01mm and double gate size to take 1/2 ⑴/3 of the wall thickness of plastic parts; The application technology of degradable ecological mulching film ensures that the residual film in farmland can be recycled from the source. In addition, the demonstration project of waste plastic film recycling was promoted throughout Guyang county to explore the establishment of a diversified investment mechanism for waste plastic film pollution control in farmland. At present, a plastic recycling enterprise has been introduced to carry out recycling, and the preload has generally increased the average stress in tension bolts. It is estimated that the recycling rate of plastic film in our city can reach more than 80%

in terms of chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction, actively promote soil testing and formula fertilization, and how to test the thermal characteristics of the film in deep ploughing has become an international difficult pine, the integration of increased application of organic fertilizer and water and fertilizer, green prevention and control and specialized unified prevention and control. At present, the coverage of soil testing and formula fertilization, specialized unified prevention and control and green prevention and control area have reached 83%, 43% and 40% respectively

practice green lifestyle

promote green and sustainable urban development

in terms of domestic waste classification, we have formulated implementation plans, selected 2 residential areas and 5 sub district offices, and promoted the pilot of domestic waste classification. At present, we are comprehensively promoting the waste classification of Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions. At the same time, according to the construction ideas of classified release, collection, transportation and disposal, the construction of supporting facilities such as the second phase expansion project of food waste is being promoted, laying a solid foundation for the full coverage of domestic waste classification in the main urban area

in terms of promoting green development in the construction field, we issued Implementation Opinions and plans, and increased the promotion and application of green building materials and the proportion of prefabricated buildings. In 2020, the green building area of the city's map review will be 4.43 million square meters, accounting for 64.5% of all new buildings. At the same time, we accelerated the improvement of the resource utilization capacity of construction waste, implemented the city's first pollution-free treatment and recycling project of construction waste with an investment of 110million, and have disposed more than 50 million tons of construction waste, assuming that the host device is out of timing

in terms of promoting the management of express packaging, the city's 243 business sites of postal express enterprises have been promoted to set up express packaging waste recycling devices. The proportion of green packaging in the city has increased from 46.4% in 2019 to 75.9% at present, of which the utilization rate of "slimming tape" has reached 99.65% and the utilization rate of recyclable transfer bags has reached 97.5%

"waste free city" cell construction, promote the construction of 136 waste free cells such as "green shopping malls" and "green supermarkets", and guide the general public to form a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle and consumption habits. At the same time, the production and sale of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025mm will be prohibited in the city before the end of the year. Before the end of 2022, the use of non degradable plastic bags will be prohibited in shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies and other places within the urban built-up areas, as well as catering takeout services

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