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Necessary common sense of home decoration

if you only choose the ceiling, home decoration can be divided into “ Ceiling pie ” And “ Anti ceiling faction ”, There is a lot of knowledge about whether the room is suspended

unnecessary ceiling

at present, the indoor height of most homes is about 2.75 meters, and the storey height of some high-rise buildings is even only 2.6 meters. The ceiling reduces the indoor space, but people generally believe that home decoration is not good without the ceiling. Of course, some ceilings in home decoration are really good. By decorating the ceiling, it not only hides the inherent deficiencies left by the building, but also decorates the ceiling into a modeling pattern with a strong sense of art

the top surface of some home buildings was originally square and flat, and no primary and secondary beams protruded. However, when making decoration, it is a big fight. It is necessary to drop the surrounding area by oneortwo levels, fill the falling level with fluorescent lamp strips, fill the surrounding area with energy-saving bulbs, and even install color fluorescent tubes. This makes the whole room look very commercial. In fact, when making top decoration, light lines such as an internal corner line or a flat corner line can play a decorative role, rather than necessarily using the method of ceiling. Excessive decoration will also cause visual psychological burden

misunderstanding of ceiling

myth 1: it is enough grade to install the ceiling. In fact, because the floor height of commercial housing is not as high as before, it is usually only 2.6— 2.8 meters. Installing a ceiling in such a relatively narrow space will make people feel nervous and depressed visually, and then cause some physiological reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, etc

Myth 2: uneven shapes will highlight the personality of the host. When installing the ceiling, some people will design uneven shapes, or use glass, mirrors and other materials, which brings difficulties to the usual cleaning, making the ceiling a place to hide dirt, thus polluting the indoor air environment. This is especially true in northern areas with heavy sandstorms and dust

myth 3: color light source can create a good atmosphere. Many families will install some colorful bulbs on the ceiling. In fact, these strange feelings are not suitable for ordinary families. Abuse is also easy to make the room appear impetuous and destroy the warm and harmonious mood

under what circumstances is ceiling suitable

then, under what circumstances is ceiling suitable? The main point is to make the original beams and pipes of the building invisible, and the other point is to make the space height tend to be the same

there are inappropriate primary and secondary beams on the top of the living room, so we should try to design, dissolve and decorate them. Sometimes when the owner changes the balcony into a part of the hall, there will be a beam between the hall and the balcony ceiling. The simple way is to hang the flat roof outward at the bottom of the beam, so that people can not feel the hidden beam, which looks very smooth, and it can also solve the problem of the hidden curtain box

generally, there will be beams between the living room and the dining room. The area of the restaurant is generally smaller than that of the living room, so ceiling decoration can be considered in the restaurant. If the restaurant is a separate room, the ceiling is not necessary

in toilets and kitchens, ceiling should be used generally. Because these places generally have pipelines, and the space plane is very small. Pay attention to the selection of materials, which should be free of pollution and fiber dust. Bright light sources should be used behind the ceiling in these places to create a clean and bright feeling




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