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"Waterproof treatment" is generally used in kitchens and toilets, so that the water will not penetrate downstairs and walls

“ Waterproof treatment ” It is generally used in kitchens and toilets, so that the water will not seep into the downstairs and walls

euron paint (Western chemical)

the waterproof material commonly used by current formal decoration companies is tar polyurethane waterproof coating rubber. The construction method is: first flatten the wall or ground, clean the team, wait for it to dry, pour the waterproof coating material into the a material, mix it for 3-5 minutes, and then paste the porcelain chips and floor tiles

please note that some construction teams now use asphalt to replace waterproof materials in order to cut corners on work and materials. Most owners do not understand the mystery. Asphalt is only 38 yuan/barrel (8.5Kg), 4.47 yuan per kg, and can be coated with 2 square meters per kg, that is, it only costs more than 2 yuan per beautiful area, which simply cannot achieve a good waterproof effect

waterproof coating is quite different. Compared with a certain brand of waterproof, each group is 330 yuan (16kg/group), and each kg20.63 yuan. It is used according to the method of the instruction manual. The dosage per square meter is about 2.5kg, that is, 51.58 yuan/square meter. From the performance, it can definitely achieve the waterproof effect, but the material cost per square meter is 49.34 yuan more than asphalt

therefore, generally, regular decoration companies use waterproof coatings in order to ensure the quality of the project. On the one hand, they are responsible for the owners, and on the other hand, they maintain the reputation of consumers themselves. Because most regular decoration companies have a one-year warranty commitment when signing decoration contracts. If waterproof materials are not used for construction, the consequences will be borne by the decoration company. And “ Guerrillas ” In order to pursue greater profits, cut corners and change places with one shot. If the owner has maintenance problems and comes back, he may not even find anyone, but only suffer the consequences

therefore, consumers who decorate their homes should be cautious about the choice of decoration companies; And carefully identify asphalt and other waterproof coatings




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