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The end of the year is approaching, and the home decoration market is at its busiest and most tense time. Decoration companies are busy fighting for jobs, and owners are busy completing projects. It can be said that throughout the winter, no matter where you go to any building that has been delivered, you can hear the roar of electric drills. The housing inspection supervisor of xinbomei used to look at the anxious workers and owners, and he couldn't help worrying about them. He specially reminded all owners that even if they were in a hurry, the decoration quality must be controlled. ◆ who will take charge of the construction site during the Spring Festival? The home decoration industry is relatively special, and most of the practitioners are outsiders. Near the Spring Festival, many designers and construction teams of home decoration companies will go home for the Spring Festival. Therefore, most home decoration companies are closed during the Chinese new year, and it has become a big problem that no one pays attention to the construction site. When owners need to find decoration companies, decoration companies are also mostly unable to provide manpower and help. In order to prevent such problems, before signing the contract, the owner must ask about the schedule of construction, the rest time of the company and the market, and the holiday time of workers. Make reasonable phased arrangements for the construction period before the workers' holidays to avoid problems such as project detention and material loss caused by lack of manpower during the Spring Festival. ◆ check out before the year, and don't forget to strictly check and accept. By the end of the year, all walks of life have entered the busy season. Many decoration companies strive to settle the wages of workers before the new year to avoid losing the reputation of being in arrears. At the same time, decoration companies can only require owners to settle the payment of some completed projects before the new year to avoid accounts every other year. At the time of settlement, the owners can't do a good job of project acceptance because of the urgency of time. They have always reminded everyone that although the new year is very busy, they must take time to check the decoration accounts, and personally go to the construction site to strictly accept the construction project. If necessary, please also find a third-party professional supervisor to help in time. ◆ be eager to avoid rough construction during the new year. For those owners who have half decorated and have not yet completed the construction, if they arrange the construction team to continue the construction during the holiday, the owners had better go to the construction site more than usual, so as to prevent workers from rough construction for the rush period. Lao Zeng told reporters that he had encountered this kind of situation. According to the company's regulations, the interior wall should be painted three times, and the construction workers only painted once. On the surface, the difference seems not big, but the actual process standard has been reduced a lot, and the decoration quality is difficult to guarantee. Lao Zeng said that if any owner friend is worried about the decoration quality, just call the hotline to contact him. The new year is coming. In order to have a good new year for the owners' friends, even if he works overtime, he is comfortable. As a third-party conscience supervisor, his mission is to help everyone install a good home and enjoy a good life




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